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Bronson Park lights up the holidays

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Every year Bronson Park in downtown Kalamazoo glows with holiday cheer as everything gets covered with lights.
Photo by Sierra Mason

In the center of downtown Kalamazoo sits Bronson Park. Every year this area lights up with holiday cheer as everything gets covered with lights. This square patch of land contains a small variety of lights and decorations for the holiday season.

In all corners of the park, two rows of gigantic candy canes rest against each other forming a candy cane lane into the festive village green.
Photo by Sierra Mason

The candy cane lanes, being my favorite part of the attraction, have proven to be a distinctive feature of the park for years. These rows of giant candy canes are a popular selfie destination, and I found myself constantly dodging out of the way of other photographers.

Located in the center of everything stands the tallest pine with blue lights and large elegant ornaments. Photo by Sierra Mason

The grandest tree that is located in the middle of the park is by far the most elegantly decorated one on the lot. With twinkling blue lights and classy bulb shaped ornaments, this pine is the center of attention in the park.

On one side of the park sits the classic nativity scene. Everything in the manger is lifesize, from the little baby Jesus to the lambs that rest to the left of the small stable.
Photo by Sierra Mason

On one side of the park sat the nativity scene. This life-size reenactment portrays the night that Jesus was born and all who were present, even including a few sheep and a camel. This is another classic that has been a piece of the lights in the park for years and years.

Nearly every single tree within the park has lights of all colors hanging from their limbs.
Photo by Sierra Mason

In addition to these classics, there is a new piece that was added. Hanging near one of the candy cane lanes are five enormous snowflakes. Each snowflake is a different shape and give off a soft white glow. These are an excellent addition to this festive season.

There are about five giant snowflakes that are all connected together and then connected to a tree that towers over a candy cane lane.
Photo by Sierra Mason


Sierra Mason

This is my first year on the Newspaper staff. I have been wanting to be involved in it for a while, but I have never had room in my schedule. Although I am more into the photography aspect, I am also excited to write an assortment of articles.


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