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Don’t leave Christmas in a pile of leaves

There is no better time of the year than the Christmas season. The snow, the lights, the trees and the spirit is hands down the best celebration of the fiscal calendar. Want to know what ruins the festivity? The people who start celebrating before December.

Gull Lake students participate in a Christmas theme in the month of December. Photo by Parker Feraco.

What makes the holiday season special is that it only comes around once a year and is celebrated for a short period of time. Please don’t spread the Christmas spirit into November when everyone knows it’s strictly a December celebration.


Those who celebrate Christmas in November aren’t holiday fanatics.  Most people anticipate a new holiday several days after the last. November is for Thanksgiving, not Christmas. People shouldn’t ever celebrate Thanksgiving in your living room surrounded by Christmas decorations. No! When the Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving in Plymouth with American Indians there were Christmas ornaments on all of the surrounding trees? Of course not.


Depending on where in the United States you live, in November the leaves on the ground usually outnumbers the snow on the ground. Here in the Midwest, snow is an essential piece of the Christmas celebration, not leaves. If someone is  still raking leaves and coming inside to drink hot chocolate in front of stockings and a fire, that person  needs to take a hard look in the mirror. Stop ruining the Christmas spirit. Wait until you’re shoveling snow in December to have hot chocolate in front of the fire.

Just because the Sirius XM channel may begin to play Christmas music before December doesn’t mean you have to the right to record yourself blasting “Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer” and post it on your Snapchat. The reason Sirius XM plays Christmas music in November is because there isn’t any Thanksgiving playlist and they know fools will celebrate Christmas in November.

Thanksgiving is for the fall as Christmas is for the winter. Why is it so hard to keep them separate? It’s downright insulting the season of Fall when  Christmas is celebrated November. Even though the first day of winter is technically December 21, it’s common knowledge that once December hits it’s Winter. Once it’s Winter people should celebrate Christmas or Kwanzaa or Hanukkah. Nobody celebrates Halloween on July 4th. So why not take holiday’s one at a time?


Listen, I am a huge Christmas guy and I love everything about getting into the Christmas spirit. Different people have different traditions. However, let’s keep the Christmas spirit special by only celebrating in December and not disrespecting Thanksgiving.


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