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Three types of Oreos and One cup of milk who will be the Hero?

Why Original will always be the One and Only

In the words of dear Goldilocks, the original style of Oreos are “just right.” For those who actually appreciate the masterpiece of the Oreo; we cannot let these tiny disks called “thin” Oreos or chubby and unproportional “double-stuffed” to become the new fad. Shame upon those who to commit to anything but the original cookie, for they are denying themselves the satisfactory taste of chocolate cookie and white frosting.

The perfect portion of each element enhances the flavor and caresses the taste buds satisfactorily when you bite into the crunchy cookie. On the other hand, when you bite into the thin Oreo, you end up wondering if there had been any cookie at all; your hand is still poised mid-air as if you hadn’t just taken a bite of the sugary sandwich. If you eat a double-stuffed Oreo, you will get a face full of unneeded and unwanted frosting.

Sure, you can try to fool yourself into believing that you find pleasure in sinking your teeth into pure, unadulterated sugar ― or you can find the blissful taste of the perfect ratio of frosting and chocolate cookie; the perfect duo that can be dipped into a normal sized cup and not get stuck due to its thickness.

By Destiny Peterson

Oreo thins will always win

Oreos come in all different types of sizes shapes and flavors and it’s hard to find reasons to discriminate against delicious cookies. Photo by Zoe Teel

As the most recent ratio evolution in the Oreo franchise, Oreo Thins are the best and final form of the beloved cream-filled wafers we all know and love. Over 100 years of cookie experimentation has led to their creation, and, quite obviously, it’s paid off.

A satisfying crunch is characteristic of the classic wafer, but this sensation is only intensified by the Oreo Thin, which boasts more of a crisp snap. Not only is this more aesthetically pleasing, but the thinner cookies allow for more Oreos in one sitting–and who can complain about more Oreos? The lighter feel of Oreo Thins allows you to consume more and feel healthier while you’re at it. For this reason, coupled with their pure deliciousness, the Oreo Thin appeals not only to true blue Oreo fans but to Oreo outliers as well, inviting everyone to enjoy the Oreo experience.

While some may mourn the traditional excess of both wafer and cream, never fear. Thins maintain this tried and true ratio, just in a smaller portion. You know what doesn’t respect the ratio? The blasphemous Double-Stuff Oreo. Clunky and unwieldy, this option is hardly even dunkable. The extra cream is overwhelming, completely overpowering the wafer half of the equation and coating the tongue with sickly sweet frosting with nothing to balance it out. The Oreo Thin, on the other hand, strikes the perfect balance between traditional flavors and innovation.

By Sydney Rotigal-Finegan

Double-Stuff Oreos are doubly delicious and clearly superior

Now, no one in their right mind would dare deny the flavor merits of the chocolate Oreo wafers. However, it’s rare to run into someone who prefers the wafers to the delectable filling between them. It’s even relatively common practice to simply eat the frosting and leave the wafers behind, but I’ve never encountered anyone who eats the wafers but doesn’t like the filling.

It makes sense, then, that the Double-Stuff Oreos, with their even fifty-fifty wafer-to-filling ratio, would be the best-tasting variety of Oreo. Sure, the original Oreos are beloved by many, but they aren’t the best Oreo simply by virtue of being the first, and the thin Oreos are an interesting concept, I suppose, for people who don’t like Oreos, but ill-suited for the taste of anyone else.

I will concede that the thin Oreos have less sugar and are therefore a healthier choice, and the original Oreos definitely deserves some credit for introducing the formula that Double-Stuff Oreos would later perfect, but, in this economy, the meager amount of filling in both types just isn’t gonna cut it.

By Madeline Koneska

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