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Teens balance work with sports  

For many teen athletes, a sport outside of a full seven hours of school day applies a lot of pressure to an already busy life, but for 17-year old Nicholas Kenyon his sport activity provide one place he said he feels most relaxed in his crowded day. 

As a way to cope with stress and balance, students in the stands such as seniors Jack and  Thomas Vandermolen share holiday spirit with players on the basketball court. Photo by Parker Feraco

“Its very stressful at school with all the work that teachers gives us, including studying for test and quizzes,” Kenyon said. “However, it’s weird, but my sport, Gull Lake basketball, is a stress reliever. It’s the most relaxing thing I do other than sleep.”

In many stories you here about how teen years are the most fun and carefree.  A lot of young teens are considered as young adults, because of all the responsibility they have that makes their life a very lot stressful. Many teens take extracurricular activities, advance classes, part-time jobs and parents give them responsibilities at home also, and adding on to that with a sport can really cause a teen to be stressed out.

“School takes up too much time in the day seven hours, and I also have work to go to everyday of the week,” said 17-year-old Alton Dillon junior. “With basketball practice being so late in the day starting at 6:45 – 8:45, I go to work when I get out of school then rush to practice, then I have to finish all the homework teachers expect us to do. Easily to say it’s tiring.”

Teens like Kenyon and Dillon said they are living their e teen years as adults creating time to do all they can possible do and still try to get sleep for the next day, in order to be successful.

“Teenagers Have school everyday, that already is a job for many of us. But we also have other things to deal with like friends, relationships and sports. If you play a sports it puts more pressure on you because your coaches expect you to well in school just like you have to please your parents. It’s very overwhelming,” said Robert Flynn senior, 17.

Senior Devor Prather said that as kids grow up they’ll say they can wait to be in high school.

“When it comes to reality, teens look forward to getting out and graduating,” Prather said. “To get out of some stress high school puts on them and being a teenager like social situations, and peer pressure on top of school work make people my age very stressed. We sometimes don’t always know how to handle it. Trying to work at your job handle hard advanced classes and extracurriculars can be an handful.”

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ravelle johnson
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