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Drafting the 5 best cereals

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Infographic of the draft between Miles Renwick and Daniel Keene. Designed by Miles Renwick.

Miles’ Team

There is no doubt in my mind that my selection of cereals is the superior one. Before I praise my picks, let me criticize his. Picking Cocoa Puffs as the first overall pick is atrocious. To say that Cocoa Puffs is the best cereal on the market is just false. Secondly, there is very little variety in his picks. All of his selections are full of enough sugar to give you a heart attack later on in the day. Cookie Crisp? That cereal tastes like cardboard. If you really want cookies in milk why not dip actual cookies in milk? The “cookies” in the cereal taste nothing like a chocolate chip cookie.

Now for my selections. I couldn’t have been happier to select Cinnamon Toast Crunch as my first pick. If you surveyed a room full of high schoolers about their favorite cereal, I guarantee Cinnamon Toast Crunch would be #1. The first bite of “CTC” is like biting into heaven. The crunch and sugary cinnamon flavor is simply a classic and will live on forever.

Lucky Charms is a top selling cereal for a reason. The beautiful combination between marshmallow and wafer has been enjoyed since the Paleolithic Ages. The people who claim to not like Lucky Charms are either diabetic or lost their taste buds in a house fire.

Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops are also classic cereals that will never die. Frosted Flakes are simply GRRRRRRREAT and Toucan Sam is a hands down top 5 cereal mascot. A lot of people trashed me for coming out of the gates with four straight sugar cereals. Here’s the thing: Frosted Flakes is actually healthy. There’s a reason the commercials include eight year old girls playing soccer, and it’s because it provides valuable nutrients to boost athletic performance. As far as Froot Loops, it has the best flavors. The fruity sensation of the cereal speaks for itself.

Special K was the sleeper of the draft. Once again, haters from around the world were commenting on my picks saying “this will give us diabetes,” or “this is very unhealthy.” Well, shoutout to the haters. If you think Special K is unhealthy you need to rethink life. Special K is by far the tastiest healthy cereal on the market. It continues to be purchased in mass quantities my middle age women for that very reason. This pick was designed to balance my sugar cereals and it does just that.


Cereal aisle at meijer. Photo Credit: Amin

Danny’s team

My cereal choices are far greater than Miles’. My cereal choices are mainly picked on what a kid would want. Many parents try to opt out of this calorie high option leaving children to eat most of the cereal. This is why I chose many of the best children’s cereals. My first choice was Cocoa puffs, the GOAT of all cereals. Just eating cocoa puffs is amazing, but when you are finished you are treated with a bowl of chocolate milk. Second, the OG of cereal commercials and one of the best tasting cereals around, Reese’s puffs. Reese’s puffs are a true classic, after a long night of playing Mario Kart and Wii Sports, Reese’s puffs come in clutch with an easy made breakfast dish. Now, Cookie Crisp, Apple Jacks, and Trix. These are some of the best kids cereals ever. Who doesn’t want a big bowl of cookies in the morning? The answer is not a single person ever. Apple Jacks are one of the best Kelloggs cereals around. With the cinnamon hint and a sweet apple taste, you can’t go wrong with this great cereal. Last but truely not least, Trix. This is an icon in the breakfast world. “Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids” is one of the catchiest commercials ever.

Miles’ choices are genuinely lousy. Special K? Have fun eating wet paper for breakfast. He also chose frosted flakes, this is exactly the same as Special K with a thin coating of sugar on top. I have to give it to him, CTC is a truly great choice but the cereals he surrounded this champ is subpar.

Miles Renwick

I am a senior at Gull Lake High School, and this is my first year on staff. I play varsity soccer and enjoy writing about sports. I am looking forward to a good year.


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