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Student Style Saturday: Abigail Holtan defines her style as classic with quirk

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Holtan thinks wearing heels at school is “weird and awkward,” but she wishes she did it more. These mint green patent kitten heels are from Aldo. Photo by Parker Feraco.

The unmistakable click-clack of heels in a school hallway is one usually associated with teachers, but GLHS junior Abigail Holtan has made it her own. Although she doesn’t like the attention the noise causes, Holtan makes sacrifices for style.

Holtan describes her personal style as classic.

“It’s timeless…with a bit of quirk,” she said.

Inspired by 50’s fashion, Holtan’s ensembles are often very feminine, but this wasn’t always so.

“When I was a kid I was like really tomboyish, and I’d wear tennis shoes with everything,” Holtan said. “But then when 7th grade hit, I totally did like a 180 and started getting more trendy.”

Holtan describes this transition as one that started with wearing more American Eagle clothing, and then further evolved into shopping at Banana Republic and Ann Taylor.

Holtan ventured into the snowy outdoors for part of her photoshoot, risking frozen feet for fashion. Photo by Parker Feraco.

“Banana Republic’s like huge. I like J Crew although usually they’re a little spendy; I like Ann Taylor but there’s not one really close to us, and I really liked The Limited but it kind of closed,” Holtan said.

She also cites Aldo as her all-time favorite shoe supplier.

“For Homecoming last year I got these amazing shoes (from Aldo), and they’re super sparkly and they’re so amazing,” she said.

Holtan describes her shopping strategy as pretty simple.

“You just see a piece, and you’re like ‘Oh my god,’” she said.


Out of everything she’s accumulated, Holtan wears skirts and dresses the most, and when it comes to trends, she’s hoping one in particular emerges this year.

“I really like pleated skirts,” Holtan said. “I think they need to come in and just take full force.”

As for recent trends, Holtan enjoyed the gingham craze of the summer, but absolutely despises a certain popular accessory.

“I really hate chokers; I can’t stand them,” she said. “I hate them; they’re so repulsive.”

Holtan is also a fan of geometric and floral prints, as showcased in her photoshoot ensemble. The floral bell-sleeve shirt she wore actually belongs to her sister. Holtan confessed she “borrows” her sister’s clothes frequently.

“I basically have two closets,” she said. “Sometimes I just take without asking– I’m like the dreaded younger sibling.”

Although she takes inspiration from fashion blogs, brands and her sister’s closet, Holtan tries to combine it all into her own unique style, and recommends others do the same. She also stresses the importance of shopping for items you’ll like long-term.

“Think about if you’d wear it in like three to five years,” Holtan said. “Ignore trends and just shop for what you like.”

“So there’s this fashion blogger I follow–her name is Blair Eadie and her little tag is Atlantic-Pacific— and she’s amazing. I love her clothes so much, and I look at it like every day.”–Abigail Holtan


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