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GLHS should be more accommodating to Independent Studies

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By the Staff

By the time students get to high school, especially their junior and senior years, students already have an idea of courses and subjects they prefer, and those they might need to pursue as a chosen career path. Just as any other school, Gull Lake High School can only provide so many class options.

In general with the selection of online classes, college courses and EFAs (Education For the Arts) and EFEs (Education For Employment), Gull Lake does an excellent job of providing choices for students to take classes that aren’t offered on campus. Sometimes even with all of these options, the logistics don’t always line up, or the course the student is interested in may not be available. For these students, independent studies may be the best option.

An independent study would consist of certain minimum requirements supplied by Michigan Board of Education on what to complete in his or her class from a teacher who agrees to be their mentor. Students would work independently to learn the necessary information and complete assignments with periodic check-ins with their mentor.

Gull Lake High School discourages the general idea of independent studies, even if the student sets it up themselves. Students go to teachers to see if they are willing to mentor them, but many the teachers don’t want to take on extra classes since it creates more work for them since they are  responsible for an entirely new course.

According to Gull Lake High School principal, Don Eastman, the school doesn’t offer independent studies since it is more work for teachers and even in some cases, students. In addition to the increase in workloads, the fact virtual courses, EFA and EFE programs, and college classes are offered for every subject.

However, if students have taken all courses available for their subject but are still thirsty for more knowledge, there is no reason they shouldn’t be allowed to do an independent study, as long as they follow the state standards.

According to College Vine, students who participate independent studies, and do well, to further their knowledge in a specific skill are seen as driven and more likely to be accepted to college programs in that aforementioned field.

Students know what they prefer studying, and how it will help them in their future. If all of their required credits are filled then independent studies should be an option for them.

Gull Lake High School should allow students who show passion for an independent study to participate in them if they are willing to put in the effort to do so and follow specific guidelines.

Courtney Pedersen

My name is Courtney Pedersen and I'm a senior. For the Reflection I primarily write news and feature stories. I am the news and media editor. I also am heavily involved in TAB, PAC, Spanish Club and the literary magazine.


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