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Saving Forever has unique sound that will last for a million years

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The song “A Million Years” starts off with a thick and jumpy base and continues into a catchy and unforgettable tune that is not only unique but has a funky, fresh feel to it. Will it be stuck in your head for the next few weeks? Absolutely. Will you like it? Yes, yes you will.

The band, Saving Forever, played on an April night as three brothers from South Side of Chicago took the stage for an epic records showcase (an opportunity for a new artist to show off their skills in front a new audience) at the exclusive Peppermint Club in West Hollywood. 

Thirteen-year-old singer Kaden Harris, 15-year-old bassist Kye Harris and 16-year-old guitarist Kavah Harris jammed out with the crowd as they jammed out with the crowd to their own alt-pop vibe originals, plus a cover medley of “American Woman” and “Hey Joe.”

“There just hasn’t been anyone like this who could ‘really play’ in years,” declared Moxie Epic chairman and CEO Antonio Marquis Reid when he introduced them.

Their current songs include “Million Way” and “Always in my Mind” and their sound is based on the sibling’s musical influence. The young group gathers inspiration from fellow artists, such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, DNCE, and Paramore.

Even though the group is so young, the Harris brothers know exactly what to do when writing songs, and collaborating with each other. Raised in Chicago Southland, the Harris boys got their musical start when their mother, Portia M. Harris, taught them to play classical piano when they each turned four.

Over the years, they began to pick up other instruments.

Saving Forever is an upcoming band that consists of three brothers that jam out to their original songs. Photo courtesy of  Moxie Music

Growing up, they listened to Prince, The Time and Travis Greene and other classic artists who their father, John Harris, enjoyed. Music was such a large part of their lives that, eventually, their father would ask them about a song and the three brothers would be able to know the song, artist, and producer off the top of their heads.

The trio was also exposed to classic rock through the Sony PlayStation, such as Ozzy Osbourne, Hollywood Undead, and Twenty One Pilots. Sometimes, they strictly brought a PSP to listen to music, almost never actually playing any of the games.

The brothers started their music careers in a church, where the trio played worship music and where Kaden, Kye, and Kavah were mentored by older musicians. Eventually, the brothers knew keys by ear. From there, they performed in local churches until they broke off to write some of their own songs.

According to Moxie, Ronald P-nut Frost, a producer, and friend of their father’s came to Chicago to record their songs and sent a copy of the demo to Kevin “Kayo” Roberson, L.A. Reid’s former bandmate in the Deele. Saving Forever signed with Epic Records after their first showcase in NYC for Reid.

Saving Forever and the family all moved to Los Angeles to make the and a full-time job to be closer to the action. Since then the brothers have written and recorded with Scott Storch, Trinity, Jayrah Gibson, PK and have worked alongside Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump; a huge influence on their music style.

Being a band of brothers, the chemistry of family helps each song turn out smooth and heartfelt. With similar music taste, they work together to create wondrous tunes and beats. And hopefully, the public will get a chance to listen to such talents brothers.

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Video courtesy of Moxie Music


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