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Choir prepares for Michigan School Vocal Music Association

The men gather in a group to help each other improve upon pitch, volume, and good singing etiquette. Photo by Parker Feraco

The choir may seem intimidating. Students may be afraid that there will be someone who can sing better than them, hit higher notes and perform with unadulterated confidence. And in some cases, this may be true, but according to choir members, that should not stop students from a joining a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

The vice president of choir, Abby Antias, said that the choir has grown in the last few years and now consists of about 40 students and is continuously growing.

“We are still looking for more members, and we know that there are a lot of talented people out there,” Antias said.

The vocal group has increased due in part to the director of both band, choir, and guitar, Brandon Burris, who said he has created big plans for the harmonizing singers. One such opportunity: The choir class will be participating in the Michigan School Vocal Music Association. The organization has not announced a place or date for the competition.

“There is district festival and depending on what grade you get, we can qualify to go to state festival,” said Burris. He said the choir must work hard for the next few weeks to prepare for this competition due to the levels and trails the class must go through.

MSVMA has a rubric that required each choir to sing two songs and sing specific pieces to get a grade for each portion.

“The choir must sing a required piece that has a set up as a standard repertoire, then the vocal group will sing a selective piece we will then go to a clinic,” Burris said.

The final part is “sight reading where you only get a few minutes to work on it and then get graded on it,” Burris said.

Burris is preparing the vocal group for the MSVMA and said he is excited to see how the expanding group will do in the competition.

“This year we are doing the Southwestern Michigan Vocal Festival and at the [Western] University,” said Antias. “It’s very exciting because these are all very complicated songs but we’re going to try and push through.”

The choir stands among the risers as a whole as they creating a beautiful sound with simply their voices. Photo by Jovana Moore

In the previous year, the choir made it to second place in the festival, losing by one point. With redemption in mind, Antias said that choir is confident that with their strong vocals and large numbers; the group will be able to overtake the first place position.

Not only will choir be participating in the competition, but the strong-willed vocal choir will be participating in the Festival of the Senses.

“We always love doing Festival of the Seasons; we just wish that there was a communal place that we could sing because everyone is out in the cafeteria looking gallery or One Acts and choir is in the gym,” said Antias. “We may have our ups and downs but as we were saying to each other, a family is kinda like music there is going to be some high notes some low notes but in the end, it makes a beautiful song.”


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