Performing Arts Company approaches performances of Bradbury’s The Veldt

The Veldt, PAC’s winter show is a short play written by Ray Bradbury. PAC will be performing The Veldt for the local community in the Gull Lake Middle School cafeteria, as well as at theatre competitions around the state. Photo by Zoe Teel.

PAC’s winter show, called The Veldt, by Ray Bradbury, will have performances at 7 p.m. on February 8 and February 15, along with at  7 p.m. Friday February 9 at the Gull Lake Middle School cafeteria. The show, according to Gull Lake Senior and The Veldt cast member Alexander Prater, shouldn’t last more than 40 minutes.

On January 25 there will be an invited dress rehearsal to prepare for their competition on Saturday the 27.

While PAC’s most recent shows, Robin Hood and the Heroes of the Sherwood Forest and Revenge of the Space Pandas have been comedies, The Veldt is categorized as a drama.

“It’s pretty much just about essentially kinda not technology taking over but just like people getting too attached to technology in a way,” Prater said. “It has these kids that kinda have this room, and this room can present reality to them and that’s where they spend most of their time and they kinda become terrible children.”

According to Prater, theatre director Lisa Ouellette picked The Veldt  so that PAC could participate in theatre competitions.

PAC is scheduled to perform The Veldt throughout January and February. Tickets, which cost $5, can be purchased in the lobby of the show. PAC’s performance on January 25th, however, is an invited dress rehearsal and doesn’t require the purchase of a ticket. Photo by Zoe Teel.

“Usually for winter shows we pick the show based on the criteria we need for competitions.” Prater said. “Every year it alternates between comedy and drama.”

The Veldt’s cast is relatively small, with four main characters and three side characters. Prater, who plays the electrician, has a less demanding role in The Veldt than he has had in past PAC shows.

“I only show up in the beginning of the play,” Prater said. “I’m the guy that hooks up their little room system, so I set it up for them and I leave.”

Rehearsals began for The Veldt two weeks before winter break, according to Prater.

“[Rehearsals are] pretty much every day for a while,” Prater said. “The only days off we have are Wednesdays because Mrs. Ouellette has meetings.”

PAC students rehearse right after school until 4 p.m. to prepare for their performances.

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“Things have been coming along great, all of the actors are doing well and tech has been working really hard on building sets so I feel confident for Thursday,” Prater said. [/perfectpullquote]

PAC will be competing with The Veldt throughout January and February at high schools across Michigan. Its first competition will be at Olivet High School on Saturday January 27, but PAC will also be competing at the Mid Michigan Theatre Festival on February 2-4 and Regionals on February 9 at Holland High School. States will be held at Chelsea High School February 16-17.

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