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Red-out shirts being sold at lunch

Taylor Wesley and Elizabeth Mellema sell Red-out shirts during lunchtime. Photo by Rowan Colosky.

This week, shirts are being sold both in support of the upcoming Varsity basketball game, and some charitable organizations. They can be found for sale at lunchtime on the side next to the gym.

Due to the sick day, the game has been scheduled for February 7th at Gull Lake.

The Red-out shirts cost 10$ and they can also be your ticket into the game. The profits are going straight to the NHS (National Heart Association).

“I feel like the players will be more excited to play and will perform better when they see a bright red student section full of supporters wearing the shirts.” said Senior volunteer Ryan Wakely. The shirts may increase overall school spirit for everyone.

The sign advertising Red-out shirts sits on the very table the shirts are being sold on. Photo by Rowan Colosky.

“The shirts are definitely being sold for a good cause, and I was happy to be a volunteer.” Said Wakely. These shirts could make for a memorable event for both students in the student section and players out on the court.


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