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Sports by Schmucks Episode 8: Slammin’ Sammy

Sports by Schmucks logo. Designed by Ryan McMullen and Miles Renwick.

“Sports by Schmucks” inspired by the PodFathers is an unscripted sports talk radio series.

The PodFathers originated from the Gull Lake Reflection sports editor Ryan McMullen, and first year reporter Miles Renwick.

Topics on the show range from Gull Lake sports to the latest trends, always ending our podcasts with a March Madness segment. We often bring on guests to our show. Our guests will either be other newspaper savants such as ourselves or local school celebrities.

“Sports by Schmucks Episode 8: Slammin’ Sammy” features hosts Ryan McMullen and co-host Miles Renwick, with a guest appearance from Samuel Dean Millmier. Music courtesy of

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