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Why Gull Lake students should go to Sno Court and not give it ‘the cold shoulder’

During the Homecoming Dance, the crowd is wild and untameable, the music soars through the airwaves and pounds in the ears of every student twirl and shimmy to the tune.

Every upperclassman prepares for Prom weeks or even months ahead of time. Prom is known as the high school dance that must outdo the others.

Girls must find the most desired dress, determined not to match another. Couples are made through promposals that become more and more elaborate each year. For many students, it is a time to look their best and make memories that will last them a lifetime.

Many students forget about Sno Court because the dance is in between Homecoming and Prom. Photo courtesy of Pexels

However, there is one dance that takes place in the middle of these popular dances. A dance that has a smaller crowd. The Sno Court dance is the middle child that is often forgotten between its younger, cuter sibling, Homecoming, and its older, sophisticated sibling, Prom.

Students recall the energetic and glittery nights of Homecoming and Prom, but what about Sno Court? However, it is evident that there is still a large chunk of students who will always enjoy going to Sno Court.

A great feature of Sno Court is that students do not have to dress in complete formal wear, making it less expensive. Because the dance is less formal than Homecoming or Prom students can wear past dresses and button-down shirts. This can make students more comfortable to move around and dance and saves money.

Sno Court is time to have fun and hang out with friends and make as many memories they can before graduation, but it’s more than that. It’s also for a cause. Sno Court includes the program that consists of all the student senates around the state of Michigan to chooses a fundraiser for that year and each school chooses an event to donate after the Sno Court dance’s profit.

Not only is the dance fun, but the basketball game is also a great way to support Gull Lake schools. There is the football game for Homecoming and Prom is an event in itself, but many forget to come and support the basketball team.

Sno Court is not only for a great cause for the fundraiser, but it is also a great way to support the basketball players and keep up the school spirit. So instead of giving the Sno Court dance the cold shoulder, warm your heart with fun and memories and put on your dancing shoes.

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