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Drake surprises his fans with new EP Scary Hours

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This is the cover of the Scary Hours EP. Photo courtesy of Genius.com

Drake, a year ago, was referred to as the most successful and talented rapper of his time. His last album More Life, released in March of 2017, changed a lot of people’s opinions. It flopped, and people began to say that other rappers were taking his spot on top. He hasn’t released anything else since ― until now, that is.

When Scary Hours came out, a lot of people were excited to hear it. After people got to listen to the EP, the talk only increased. The talk was almost all good and about how much the people loved the songs. The EP had only two songs, but the quality of those songs was astonishing. Fans of Drake saw some flashbacks of the old Drake who was so successful.

The EP began with “God’s Plan,” notable for its very catchy hook. It’s a basic hook and has two nice,bridges “It’s a lot of bad things… they whishin on me” to transition from the hook to the verses. This is classic Drake; he uses the slow, bridge to accentuate the speed, quality, and creativity of the following verse. This is also how he makes memorable bars. What initially made Drake so successful was his ability make music that stayed in people’s minds, and I could definitely see that here. A great example of this is in the second verse of “God’s Plan.” Right after the bridge, there is a brisk pause in the beat for him to say the line “She say, ‘Do you love me’ / I tell her, ‘Only partly’, / I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry.” While the line isn’t meaningful,  stopping the beat then starting right when the line ends makes the line a huge point and gets the listener to remember the song.

Diplomatic Immunity” is the complete opposite of the previous song. It’s very lyrical and says a lot more with is clearly deeper meaning. It doesn’t have a hook or a chorus; just one long verse. Drake starts off by addressing the hate he’s getting about him falling off. He talks about people “gassed off [journalism]”.

People talking about Drake not being as good anymore, is a common theme, but never before has he taken it this seriously. He seems like he is putting his foot down and reasserting himself at the top ― while telling his competitors. You’re going to regret trying take my spot in way by warning them saying, “Come at me and all you’ll get is the ballistic report.” After that, the lyrics are almost bragging. Drake shows his dominance by describing his luxurious life, with his colorful diamond rings and the expensive restaurants he goes to on a daily basis. He shows his importance in his home city of Toronto, talking about how his home is basically an embassy and comparing his Mercades to the presidential vehicle here in the United States.

Drake goes on to explain all his struggles, and the song shifts from a song that gets you going to one that gets you in your feels ― Something that Drake is known for especially in albums like Take Care.

Scary Hours was a great EP. Drake reformed from the Drake who made an album and went back to his classic self with a few adaptations to fit with what people want. He adds the ad libs to the end of his bars, like a lot of new successful rappers, but not to the point of copying them. His adaptations are the reason he’s been able to make so much money in this industry, and I believe he’s back from his recent slump.



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