Astronomy Club launches into 2018

The words “Astronomy Club” sit dormant on top of a spacy background of the Milky Way galaxy. Graphic by Rowan Colosky

As the new year begins, Astronomy Club is looking to have a busy one, with lots plans to expand the minds of curious students and to pose more questions concerning the universe itself.

The club discusses topics that are not brought up in the schools regular curriculum, which makes for some unique discussions. Discussions include current events involving astronomy, broad questions about the universe, and different careers in the field. Events outside of the school are also being planned.

“We meet up every Friday and talk about a few selected recent events in astronomy and aerospace engineering,” said senior and Astronomy club president Autumn Cain.

They have a lot of new activities planned for the new year.

“We plan to regularly attend events through the Kalamazoo Astronomical Society. They hold their own observation sessions at the Kalamazoo Nature Center, and they also hold their own lectures on various subjects at the KAMSC building,” Cain said. “There has also been some discussion of touring the Air Zoo together or attending planetarium shows at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum.”

Rowan Colosky

Rowan Colosky

My name is Rowan Colosky. I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I enjoy listening to & creating music and playing basketball.

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