Wrestling team pins down a record-breaking season

Everyone knows of the sports: basketball, football, and baseball, but a very underrated sport is wrestling. Gull Lake’s Varsity Wrestling team is having an outstanding season not just as a team but also individually.  Senior Logan Birchmeier and sophomore John Howe are destroying the odds with Birchmeier’s personal record of 30-0 and Howe’s 27-3.

“It is fun to watch you program grow. I’m blessed to have two great assistant coaches, Coach Boone and Coach Cunningham.  Getting off to 22-4 season is special. We have a good mix of upper and lower classmen. What’s really exciting is I only see us getting better for years to come,”  head coach Tony DeRyder said.

Howe said that listening to Coach DeRyder speak brings confidence to all the underclassmen that are come up to varsity or already on varsity. Howe speaks from experience since he was moved up to the varsity team as an underclassmen.

“We’ve lost to two seniors, one of those seniors being the last year state champion, and I went to the third round with him and lost by only a couple points,” Howe said.

Howe said this just proves the point of what Gull Lake varsity wrestling what going to continue to  be like in the future, “aggressive and respectable.”  

Birchmeier, who is undefeated in his historic season at Gull Lake, is 30-0.

“I’m having a pretty good season, but that doesn’t mean anything,” Birchmeier said. “I just have to keep looking into the future and proving myself good enough for this program, wish our whole team luck, we got this.”       

“Gull Lake Varsity Wrestling is stepping it up this season by proving that not only varsity veterans can do good but even newcomers can have outstanding seasons,” coach DeRyder said.

DeRyder said that they have  22 wrestlers returning next year with about 15 eighth graders coming up.

“I would be surprised if we’re not in the low 40’s next year,” DeRyder said. “The kids are working hard in the practice room and our team goal is to win team districts.”  


Wyatt Drum

Wyatt Drum

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