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Sno Court festivities set to heat things up

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Sno Court representatives are chosen from each grade, with voting for Sno Court king and queen taking place the week of Sno Court. Photo by yearbook staff

Student Senate, which began instituting changes to Sno Court festivities last year with the addition of a Teacher Court, will continue to make changes to Sno Court that will ideally increase participation and raise more money for charity, rather than solely emphasizing the social aspect of festivities.

“We’ve never really gotten a great turnout, or the turnout that we’ve wanted so we’re trying to change people’s perspective of it,” said Gull Lake Senior Class President and Student Senate member, Luke Edgerly. “What’s different about Sno Court is it’s a charity fundraiser, so we really do want to try to get the word out that this isn’t for our profits, but for this year it’s the Michigan Alliance on Mental Illness.”

According to Edgerly, Senate’s motto is “We rise by lifting others,” and raising money for charity plays a big part in that.

“It’s a good break from the whole social orientation of planning dances and fun stuff for the school,” Edgerly said. “It’s community focused, so that’s the thing we like most about Sno Court.”

While Senate will be continue raising money for charity with the Teacher Court and gift baskets, Edgerly said, they are making major changes to the dress up days this year.

According to Edgerly, the biggest complaint from students regarding Homecoming and Sno Court has had to do with dress up days. To increase approval for these  days, students were be able to vote on the theme for three of the days. Senate members asked around and used social media to get suggestions for dress up days, Edgerly said.

“I think people don’t want eccentric out of the box dress up days as much as they want the classics, so that’s what I’m hearing,” Edgerly said.

Students picked three dress up days from a set of options Senate provided by voting on a google form that was sent out via email.

“We’ve heard a lot that twin day is popular. I’ve heard class color a few times, but we’ll see how the polls come back,” Edgerly said.

Student senate members hope that allowing students to vote on dress up days will increase participation. Pictured are Kaitlyn Stricker and math teacher Heather Shaffer from this year’s Homecoming. Photo by yearbook staff

Senate will be organizing a Teacher Court and a gift basket raffle this year as well to raise money for the Michigan Alliance Against Mental Illness.

During teacher court, six Gull Lake teachers (three men and three women) are selected to participate in a “penny war,” in which students donate money to vote for or against certain teachers.

“We’ll have milk jugs at lunch and in their classrooms where you put coins in,” Edgerly said. “It’s a really great way to raise money; we raised well over a $1,000 last year.”

Senate will also be putting together gift baskets with donations from local businesses. These will be raffled off to raise money as well.

Each year Senate picks a theme for Sno Court. Sno court festivities will include spirit week, an assembly, basketball game and dance. This year the theme is tropical vacation.

The Teacher Court serves as a fundraiser for charity. Teachers chosen for the court will participate in a “penny war” that will determine the winner. Photo by yearbook staff

“It’s a little less original,” he said. “We had some more eccentric ideas, but we wanted to do something that kids would love in the middle of February.”

Gull Lake will be playing Lakeview for the Sno Court game, which will take place on February 23. At half time, Sno Court couples will walk together before the Sno king and queen are announced.

The Sno Court dance, which is traditionally a Sadie Hawkins, takes place on the following day, Tickets for the dance will be sold at lunch the week before, starting Monday of that week.

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