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Carson Senske breaks elbow, out for season

In a rough game against Lakeview, power foreword sophomore Carson Senske tried to stop a point guard from getting to the rim. The Lakeview point guard was driving and ran into Senske, knocking him down. During his fall, Senske stuck his hand out to brace himself.

“I was screaming in pain. After, I had to apologize to the crowd for my choice of words,” Senske said.

While trying to brace the fall, he hyperextended his elbow and dislocated it, fracturing it in several places. This event was “one of the worst pains that I have ever felt in my entire life,” said Senske.

“I had a temporary cast for a while, and now I am in a brace for an unknown time period,” Senske said. “The temporary cast has kept my arm from moving, so now the only pains are from the incredible soreness and bruising. I’m going to the doctor soon to to see how long I will out, and if I will be able to play baseball in the spring.” 

Introducing the JV team on to the court for their home game against Battle Creek Central. Unfortunately Carson is in the back sitting on the bench. Photo  by Keyshawn Wilson

Senske’s injury will cause him to be out of play for the rest of the season.

“Carson was a solid athlete that was a strong addition,” said sophomore starter Jack Hirzel.

His teammate said he will miss his height and speed on the court but for now since this injury will be an end to his season.

“He will be back next year but for now he just needs to stay healthy,” Hirzel said.

However, according Senske, this season has already been a rough one. He said he started the year off by missing tryouts and a couple weeks of practice due to a case of walking pneumonia, and soon after recovering from his illness, he hurt his knee. This took  his playing time from games and his reps at practice. After he got over his illness and injury, he only had a couple weeks of practice and a couple games before he was injured and done for the rest of the season.

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