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Do you believe in miracles? The Kalamazoo Eagles do

On Saturday, January 30, David and Goliath battled at Wings West Arena. It featured the 1-6 Kalamazoo Eagles and the 8-0 Kalamazoo Blades, coming off of a 16 game win streak ranked 10th in the state.

This wasn’t a scrimmage by any means. The Eagles and the Blades had a rivalry unlike any other. The winner between David, the Eagles, and Goliath, the Blades, earned the right to hoist the “Kalamazoo Rivalry Cup.” Every player dreams of drinking non-alcoholic champagne out of the golden chalice resting atop of the wooden plaque with the names of the previous winners of the historic rivalry game.

The Kalamazoo Eagles  with the Kalamazoo Rivalry Cup postgame. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Wressel

The Kalamazoo Blades rolled into the rink expecting to win this game. They were Goliath, afterall, a strong and respected warrior that had suffered very few defeats. They had gone out and won all eight of their opening conference games, and today seemed like another win, considering David’s unfortunate .200 winning percentage.

The Eagles came into the rink expecting battle. The team had not beaten the Blades since 2012, but long odds were never new to David. The Eagles felt overlooked and were determined to unsharpen the Blades.

The arena was packed. The crowd was buzzing. The puck dropped; Goliath drew his sword and David assembled his slingshot.

The Blades dominated early on. Its forecheck was dynamic and its defence looked strong, but the Eagles kept holding on, waiting for their chance. The chance came 6:18 minutes in, when Colin Mehren found the puck after a poor Blades line change. His shot from the circles flew past the Blades netminder, giving the Eagles a 1-0 lead.

The lead only lasted 8 minutes, as the Blades rallied behind a beautiful goal from Parker Lawrence to tie the game. Goliath was back in contention.

David never gave up. The Eagles’ Jimmy Wressel found the back of the net with one second left in the first period, giving them a 2-1 lead going into intermission.

It only took the Blades one minute to tie the game. With the score 2-2, the Eagles refused to panic and gift the Blades another goal.

The Eagles skate under the lights at Wings West against Mattawan. Photo by Miles Renwick

The Blades reacted to the tie and put in a rebound goal only five minutes later. Unfortunately for David, the Blades regained their composure shortly after and put in the equalizer after the puck squeaked past the Eagles goalie.

Then came the third period. Neither team could break the deadlock, sending the eventful game into overtime. Overtime rules state that the first team to score wins.

Goliath dominated the extra period early. They continued to fire shots but were never able to find the back of the net. After finally clearing their zone of the Blades dynamic forecheck, the Eagles desperately skated up the ice to keep the puck inside their oppositions blueline. The Blades tried to clear the puck, but it was intercepted by the Eagles’ Daniel Keene. Keene then blasted a low shot through the group of defensemen in front of the net and into the mesh of the Blades goal.

The Eagles team poured out of the bench and piled on top of the Gull Lake sophomore Daniel Keene in jubilance. The underdogs had defied the odds to win against the conference leaders.

David had slayed Goliath.

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