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How to four way stop

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This past summer, Gull Lake added a right-turn lane in the  four way stop behind the middle school, creating mass confusion. Unfortunately, several cars do not know how to follow the rules of a four way stop, and leave out of turn. By leaving out of turn, not only are they admitting that they do not know simple driving directions, but they are also deciding that saving their own time is more important than the safety of everyone around them.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the four way stop etiquette, four way stops are “first come, first serve.” It isn’t that crazy of a concept. The first person interview, driving instructor and math teacher Eric Belz gives all the rules.

The problem with the Gull Lake four way stop is people often think they’re somehow more deserving of getting to their destination than the person who arrived at the stop first. If two people arrive at the same time, the tiebreak goes to the vehicle to the right.

People leaving before their turn isn’t the only danger that the Gull Lake stop presents. Since adding the right hand lane, drivers have a difficult time seeing the car turning left into the high school. The car is usually tucked behind the car turning right, and no one can quite see when the car is going.

The solution? Pay attention. If you can’t see the person, assume that there is someone in that lane ready to turn. Safety first.

Stay safe, people.

Miles Renwick

I am a senior at Gull Lake High School, and this is my first year on staff. I play varsity soccer and enjoy writing about sports. I am looking forward to a good year.


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