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The Migos release Culture II but it’s mostly hype

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The Migos haven’t released music together for just short of one year. The last album, Culture, was quite successful. Members of the Migos, like Quavo and Offset, have gone on their own to make music in Without Warning and Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho.

Culture II was something that had been rumored for a bit, and Quavo confirmed it January 6 on his Twitter account. The album was to come out on January 26, and that Friday was going to be dedicated to listening to it for many hip hop fans. The album even had its own Snapchat story, sharing what people thought about the album. I thought I was going to get an album just like the previous Culture and maybe a little better.

When Friday in January arrived, I discovered unfortunately the record was all hype. The group lately has just been shooting out music and one can see the loss in quality through doing this. This album is 24 songs long and lasts an about an hour and 45 minutes. The better tracks are all the ones featuring other famous artists, including 21 Savage, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Drake, Gucci Mane, Post Malone, Travis Scott and Ty Dolla $ign.

All songs in this album had outside the box beats, a lot of which aren’t often seen in rap music. In songs like “White Sand” there was a electronic feel. “Narcos,” another track on the record, had a guitar in the background to give it a Latin-American feel. The other songs, like “Notice me” and “Walk it Talk it”, were quite generic.

A huge problem I saw with this album was the message and is  a recurring problem with The Migos music. Each bar has something new say with no correlation. There are many fans of rap music who don’t mind this, but the inconsistency is a huge issue. It takes away from the whole art and is not special in any way, just a bunch of rhymes on a track. I appreciate rappers who are able to rap with a good flow and good rhymes while still telling a story. It is a lot more difficult to do.

My favorite song on the album is Notice Me with Post Malone, which has a  slow beat, and Post Malone gives it a mellow feel, and The Migos use his chorus so well. It ups the quality in the song. My favorite verse is Takeoff’s first where he speeds up his flow and doesn’t skip a beat. His lyricism was better than that of the whole album and made this song a stand out. All of his rhymes were creative. For example:  “Birds in the traps singin’ like Jodeci. I tip a bitch just ’cause of my courtesy (tippin’). Then do a show, pick up my currency (backend).” Takeoff is my favorite member in the group but lacks the solo content for him to gain popularity.

Overall, this  album is a let down. Of course, this isn’t to say that on the whole grand scheme of things it wasn’t good, I just expect more from the Migos, and I feel that they did a lot better of a job on the first “Culture.”

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