Tacky Tourist day is always the best

Out of all of the spirit week dress up days, tacky tourist day is consistently the best.

On the Tuesday of Sno Court week, Gull Lake students put on their best floral shirts and fanny packs and spent the day pretending they were  on the beach in Hawaii. Tacky tourist day not only promotes the best looking outfits of the week, but it also allows the students to take a break from the disgusting Michigan winter.

Gull Lake sophomores stand on stage at lunch time showing off their tacky tourist fashion. Photo by Keyshawn Wilson.

The fashion of tacky tourist day is what makes it special. Floral shirts are one of the classiest articles of clothing known to mankind. Regardless of the situation, floral shirts are always an appropriate attire. On the big day, Gull Lake hallways are always full of these shirts, making students feel like they go to school with a bunch of sophisticated students with a great taste in fashion.

While tacky tourist attire is usually associated with the beach or other tropical destinations, in case you live under a rock, Gull Lake students hate the Michigan winters. They’re cold, grey and miserable. Nobody vacations in the winter. Want to know where people vacation? In Hawaii with floral shirts on. The whole Gull Lake student body gets to take a free trip to Hawaii on tacky tourist day.

Tacky tourist day is a day that will live in infamy for the rest of time. Gull Lake High School turns into a 5 star Hawaiian hotel in the matter of seconds. Tacky tourist day is years above other dress up days at Gull Lake High School.

Miles Renwick

Miles Renwick

I am a senior at Gull Lake High School, and this is my first year on staff. I play varsity soccer and enjoy writing about sports. I am looking forward to a good year.

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