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The reveal of the shocked and not-so-shocked Sno Court Kings and Queens

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On Friday, February 23, Gull Lake High School’s 2018 Sno Court Teacher Court winners and student body King and Queen were announced.

Teacher Court was presented as a penny war this year to raise money for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). The male and female teachers who raised the most money were declared the Teacher Court King and Queen.

Reggie Walters and Shelia Wood accept the cheers (and boos) from the student body. Photo by Jenna Davison

GLHS math teacher and baseball coach, Reggie Walters, was crowned the Teacher Court King.

“I did think I had a strong chance,” Walters said. “I think my students wanted me to (win) only because no one threw in pennies…they saved those for others at lunches.”

GLHS English teacher and debate/Model United Nations advisor, Sheila Wood, was declared the Teacher Court Queen.

“I was not shocked, but I did not want to wear the crown,” Wood said.

According to Wood, she gave the tiara to her fellow English teacher and Teacher Court representative, Cheryl Jolin, whom she believed deserved it because she said she is a wonderful person Wood adores.

“Mrs. Jolin’s students definitely wanted her to have it as I think they pretty much filled my jar with pennies,” Wood said. “I’m proud of how much Mrs. Jolin, and I raised when her students went to bat for her.”

Both Walters and Wood said they encouraged their students to donate, for the sake of giving not winning.

Wood gave all four of her classes a goal to raise $100 and gave incentives: a later due date for an assignment for her English classes and a speaking final exam instead of written for her Speech class.

“It was actually a lot of fun this whole snow court week,” Walters said. “Money was raised for a great cause, then the faculty beat the seniors in dodge ball and it was capped off by two great wins by the boys and girls varsity basketball.”

During halftime of the boys’ varsity basketball game on Friday evening, the student body King and Queen were announced.

 Myles Busick crowns Keyshawn Wilson. Aidan Hyde escorts Busick, since last year’s King Kevin Hyde, his older brother, is unable to attend. Photo by Parker Feraco

Senior Keyshawn Wilson was bestowed with the crown and title of 2018 Sno Court King.

Being King was a big shock to me honestly,” Wilson said. “I love the other two nominees and I thought the crown could’ve went to anyone.”

Senior Sarah Pelyhes was crowned the Sno Court Queen, alongside her nominee partner.

“I was surprised I won queen,” Pelyhes said. “I figured my friends would vote for me, but I honestly thought Anai would win.”

According to Wilson, he campaigned for him and Pelyhes to be on Court together and then for them to be King and Queen.

Elouise Methner places the tiara Sarah Pelyhes’ head. Annalise McKay escorts Methner in place of her older her sister, last year’s Queen Caroline Mckay. Photo by Parker Feraco

“Keyshawn and Kaitlyn Stricker wanted me on there and they campaigned for me,” Pelyhes said. “Plus I kept having people come up to me and say they voted for me.”

Collectively, the shocked couple said they had a great time on Court and their winning was just a cherry on top.

“I couldn’t stop smiling at all on Friday, it was just an amazing day,” Wilson said. “I was really overwhelmed by winning but the best thing honestly were people’s reactions after I got crowned.”

As the results show, many people believed Wilson and Pelyhes deserved the crowns as they were both continuously told.

Sarah Pelyhes and Keyshawn Wilson are coupled on Sno Court together. They greet their peers as royalty for the first time. Photo by Parker Feraco

“The tiara fit her well….the crown fitting me, ha not so much, I got a big head,” Wilson said.

Pelyhes stated that even though she was not aiming to be Queen, she quite likes the tiara.

“This is something that I will remember for a very long time and I have tried to make my senior year the best one yet and this night will be one I won’t forget,” Wilson said. “What made it better was that I was with Sarah throughout the entire thing.”

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