Kalamazoo Institute of Arts displays Dawoud Bey’s ‘Harlem Redux’

A building in the neighborhood of Harlem. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

From Saturday, January 13, 2018, until April 11, 2018, The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts (KIA) will have the “Harlem Redux” color photographs on display. The cost to see the colored photographs are $12 for non-KIA members, $10 for members and $2 for students.

This piece of art is inspired by James VanDerZee Harlem Portrait photographs of the early 1900s. Dawoud Bey’s exhibition brings together the 20th-century photos/projects with his own 2014-2016 “Harlem Redux.”

Bey shows the neighborhood of Harlem in New York City that once thrived and was colorful, and now is more gentrified and homogenized.

The Kalamazoo Institute of Art is located in Downtown Kalamazoo
Photo Courtesy to KIAarts.org

The goal the photographs is to answer the question: What does a community look like while undergoing such a dramatic transformation? The only way you can find out is to go to the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts and see for yourself.

In a press release, “In Harlem Redux, I wanted to talk about the physical place, how it’s changing, and how place is connected to memory,” Dawoud Bey said in his press release about his later piece. “Since the landscape of Harlem is changing so rapidly, I wanted to describe what that looks like while it’s taking place.”

“Within this change, the long-time population of Harlem is being increasingly marginalized or disappeared, if you will. The absence of people and their diminished presence is deliberate, literally and metaphorically…” he said.  “I had to devise a conceptual and formal language that spoke to this current set of circumstances as they are happening; a language that speaks to the ideas of memory, absence, loss, and change.”

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