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Nicole Miller set to join Anderson University soccer team

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2018 will mark Miller’s fourth year playing soccer with Gull Lake. Photo by Jenna Davison and Keyshawn Wilson.

Gull Lake senior Nicole Miller has a long history with soccer and has played the sport since she was five-years-old. Miller started out playing AYSO, then continued with a travel team (Kingdom Soccer Club) before playing for Gull Lake. So, it’s not a surprise she plans to continue her athletic career in college.

Miller said she’s wanted to play college soccer ever since she was a little girl.

“It was my idea, but my parents obviously were supportive of it and so were my coaches,” Miller said.

The goal of playing soccer in college serves as a good motivator for her to practice throughout the year.

“I’m always joining different gyms, like right now I’m doing a speed workout where I just work on my speed all the time,” Miller said.

Miller found the right college through showcases. At showcases, Miller and her teammates from her Kingdom travel team compete in front of various college coaches.

“I was in college showcases, so when I’d go to that showcase, I’d look at the list of college coaches that were going to be there,” Miller said. “And then I’d look them up and see if they had a good education program because that’s what I’m going  into, then I would look at their soccer and if they were both pretty decent, then I’d reach out to the coaches.”

According to Miller, athletes could be watched by up to 12 college coaches at once at these showcases.

Miller is currently committed to play soccer for Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana.

Gull Lake’s soccer program taught Miller to keep working hard, even as an upperclassmen. According to Miller, spots on the team are never guaranteed. Photo by Jenna Davison.

“I knew I wanted to go D3, but I didn’t know what setting I wanted,” Miller said. “And just going to Anderson and meeting all the players, [I knew] the coaching style was what I wanted plus I love the atmosphere.”

Miller started her college search her freshman year, so she was ahead of the game when it came to finding a school to play for.

“I already was accepted to my college this past summer, and I already knew two years ago I was planning on going to this school,” Miller said.

Even starting the process as early as she did, Miller said it was still hard to pick a school from the many options available to her.

“I just didn’t know where I wanted to go, but once I found it, I knew,” Miller said.

Miller officially committed to Anderson this past November.

According to Miller, playing soccer for Gull Lake taught Miller how to work hard.

“Your spot is never guaranteed, so you need to continuously work hard. It doesn’t matter if you’re a junior or senior and you’re playing for positions against a freshman, they can easily take your spot if they’re working harder,” Miller said.

Future Anderson players receive packets of information from the school to help prepare for its soccer team.

Miller will continue to develop her soccer skills before playing for Anderson. Photo by yearbook staff.

“They give me packets  I need to be able to do  to play,” Miller said. “And so I have a packet  that will tell me something like: ‘You need to be able to run a mile at this pace and do all this,’ so I’ve just been doing those trainings.”

Miller said she wants to specifically work on her strength before she goes off to college.

“I have no upper arm strength,” Miller said. “I have a lot of leg strength, but my arm strength is not there so I have to improve that.”

Miller will be among about 12 other college freshmen on Anderson’s soccer team next year, which has served to calm some of her nerves.

“Obviously it’s intimidating to be a freshman, but there’s about 12 girls in my class that are going to play, so I’m going to have immediate friends, and we’re kind of all going to go through it together so I’m not super nervous about that,” Miller said. “And I know that freshman year I might not play a lot so that kind of calms my nerves, but it also just pushes me to work harder to see if I can play.”

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