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Spotify users are in Lauv with ‘I Like Me Better’

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Ari Staprans Leff, known by his stage name Lauv, is an American musician. His debut EP, titled Lost in the Light, was released in 2015. Permission from Moxie

With over 130 million Spotify streams, Ari Leff or most commonly known as Lauv, has created a legacy with his newest song, “I Like Me Better,one of the hottest Indie rock song on Spotify.

Ari Leff, also known as Lauv, is an L.A.based singer/songwriter/producer who writes mostly about love and breakups. Ari Leff picked up a guitar and began writing songs tainted with the pain of heartbreak.

“That it’s always been one of the most beautiful ways to connect with people on a real level. There’s nothing like [the] openness of being in love, and, for me, that vulnerability is maybe the most important part of being alive,” said Ari Leff. Quote from Moxie.

“The Other” was Leff’s breakthrough single under the moniker of Lauv. The song is a mixture of R&B and indie pop; the concentrated beat is smoothed out with his soft voice, creating a heartfelt and moving composition.

Featured on Lauv’s debut EP Lost in the Light, the quietly arching track reached #11 on Spotify’s Today’s Hit playlist and amassed over 70 million streams by early 2017.

Ari Leff is creating big waves with his latest single “I Like Me Better,” a sweet song that tells the story of love with its upbeat rhythm and romantic lyrics. The video itself is a represents how love lives on and to show what it means to grow old with someone.

“Being vulnerable is the hardest thing for so many people, including myself, but is also the most satisfying thing,” said Leff.

Born in San Francisco, Leff moved around the country throughout his childhood and learned to play the piano and violin. Once he picked up the guitar, he began strumming out his indie-electronic music, which included booking his own tours. After graduating high school, he began his studies in music technology at New York University. This lead to him signing with the publishing company Prescription Songs.

During his time in college, he strayed from his original path of creating emotionally empowered music and began writing for other artists. But, after reading an interview with Paul Simon, an American singer-songwriter, and actor, Simon’s words inspired Leff and he decided to get back on track by creating his own music and enhancing his personal sound. Soon afterward, Leff composed “The Other” and launched Lauv and began his solo project once more.

Since releasing “The Other,” which hit the Global Top 100 on Spotify, Lauv has appeared at music festivals like Firefly, bringing the wistful intimacy of his music to a live venue.

“By bringing being so honest in my songs, I want to encourage people to be okay with who they are and what they feel,” Leff said. “More than anything else, that’s what drives me to create music in a massive way.”


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Music by permission of Moxie Music

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