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2 Chainz surprises fans with great EP

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2 Chainz, or Tauheed Epps, released his 4th Ep: The Play Don’t Care Who Make It. Even at 40-years-old, the Georgia rapper is still going hard.

The EP release was originally rumored in October and was confirmed on the Tuesday before the release along with a snippet of “Land of the Freaks” from the EP and comment that there would be new music in a few days. But the excitement from the post wasn’t there. Instead it gathered around the new Black Panther soundtrack with Kendrick Lamar.

The EP starts strong with “Ok B*tch”. The name of the song couldn’t describe the track better. Punch lines left and right about his wealth, and how it’s so luxurious, saying things like “Pool in my backyard, I never stuck my feet in” and “Versace for the weekend.” Pools, something most people would love to have, he has just for the look of it not even to use. And Versace, a very expensive brand, he buys just for the weekends.

The next song was “Proud” is my favorite on EP, and it’s all about making his mom proud. Not his dad or friend, but strictly his mom. He discusses how he and his mom were very close. They trapped together; they slept on the same couch, and they even got caught together and told the same lies in court. He talks about how as he got more money, he bought his mom a house. Then when his music exploded, he bought another. Offset, one of the Migos, was also featured. YG and Offset continued Chainz’ message. They all have dealing backgrounds and all spoil their moms. They all do it because of all their moms had done for them.

The EP then moves on to “Land of the Freaks.” The “land” in the title is referring to Atlanta, Chainz’s hometown. This whole song is basically a huge flex or him just showing off: “Yeah, gold, all on my pinky (Damn)/ Yeah, gold, all on my wrist/ Yeah, gold, all on my grill. Yeah, gold, all on my chest,” raps Chainz. Chainz also shows of his lyrical abilities in this song.

This song lacks a strong message, or even any message for that matter although I am amazed by this song’s pattern–like how Shakespeare used iambic pentameter but toned down. There is flow to it that makes Chainz so successful, and you can bop your head to it.

Lamborghini Truck” finishes of the EP on a good feeling. This track isn’t a song that really went hard. It was slower and has a very mellow beat,  a very patterned flow in this song, and it’s relaxing. In this song Chainz continues to talk about the new Lamborghini truck, and how he wants it. He goes in talking about how he started from nothing and never slept he continued to work and the Lamborghini represents him being where he wants. Chainz throughout the song in background says “never givin’ up.” This show his hard work ethic, and how he wants to win and not go back to being poor.

This EP is was great. 2 Chainz always releases great music and continued his streak here. I do wish, however, we got more than just four songs, but I’m not gonna get to greedy and this is satisfactory.

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