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Sock and sandals: A given gift to the world or a societal disgrace?

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Graphic by Parker Feraco

Socks and sandals are a fashion mistake

Wearing the combination of socks with sandals is a sign of the unbendable. Either a person is unwilling to change sweaty athletic socks or too old to bend over to change them. 

People use excuses like “my feet get cold,” or “I really like the look,” but, if your feet get cold, people should probably wear shoes for more protection anyway, and if  a person claims to like the look, that person is just wrong.

Combining socks and sandals is ridiculous and is, frankly, close to being an oxymoron. Sandals are meant to be worn during warm weather so feet do not have to suffocate in a pair of socks. Socks are meant to warm your feet and prevent shoes from stinking due to sweat. The purposes of these two items of foot apparel do not cross in any possible way.

American styles are far off from the fashion choices in other cultures, and saying it is alright because it’s common in other cultures is like trying to say we should try to grow plants common in those other cultures even though we do not have the climate to support them.

There is nothing fashionable about socks and sandals; literally nothing. If one loves the combination, they should become an athlete with the distinct purpose of committing this fashion violation or else stop trying to make a fashion statement that will never become a thing.

by Courtney Pedersen

It’s time to forget this country’s irrational hatred for socks and sandals

When an average person hears the phrase “socks and sandals,” the initial reaction is usually something akin to disgust. After years of being the punchline in jokes about awful fashion tastes, the idea that sandals should never, ever be worn with socks has become deeply ingrained into the public subconscious. However, this hatred is ultimately unfounded, and there’s nothing wrong with socks and sandals.

It may be true that the combination of socks and sandals results in a strange look, but that doesn’t automatically invalidate it. Like ripped jeans or exposed-shoulder shirts, people merely need to adjust themselves to the sight of sandals with socks underneath. Frankly, modern fashion is very eclectic, and I think that should be celebrated. However, if we’re going to accept tattered denim, clashing neons and purposeful asymmetry, then we also must abolish this ridiculous taboo around socks and sandals.

It’s also worth mentioning that our seemingly universal hatred for socks and sandals is merely a matter of culture; America may have decided that it looks hideous, but, in some places, socks and sandals are a far more common sight. For example, a type of traditional Japanese sandal, called zori, are often worn with socks ― in fact, Japan even has a specific type of sock with a rift between the big toe and the rest, called a tabi sock, which is meant specifically for wearing with sandals. Tabi socks and zori are considered traditional Japanese clothing, if somewhat antiquated nowadays, so why must the West continue to demonize anyone who dares put sandals on their socked feet?

In the end, socks with sandals, as a fashion statement, doesn’t deserves the hate it gets at all. Like any combination of clothing articles, it can look awful if done poorly, but that doesn’t mean it should be avoided religiously. Banish the idea that the only people who mix socks and sandals are middle-aged men who couldn’t tell a suit from a sweatshirt. 2018 should be the year where we let people wear sandals even if they also want to keep their feet warm.

by Madeline Koneska

Courtney Pedersen

My name is Courtney Pedersen and I'm a senior. For the Reflection I primarily write news and feature stories. I am the news and media editor. I also am heavily involved in TAB, PAC, Spanish Club and the literary magazine.


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