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XXXtentacion makes waves with two new songs

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XXXtentacion originally started as a Soundcloud rapper, but made it in mainstream rap when he released “Look at Me” that peaked at 34 on the Billboard hot 100. Most thought X was going to fade quickly, referring to him as a one-hit wonder. However, X continued to release music, starting with Revenge. Then, after getting out of prison for domestic abuse, X released his break through album: the amazing 17.

In 17, people finally saw what X was really going through. On the surface, they saw a thug just being a thug, but underneath X had multiple mental issues, including depression. In this album, X talks about suicide and the pain that comes with love. In the album X talks about a friend of his ― Jocelyn Flores ― whom he loved and took her life. This was a new side of X that seemed like a polar opposite to the X everyone had seen in “Look at Me.”

X came back to these very sad topics with his two new songs. In “SAD!” he revisits the topic of suicide and once again talks about his friend Jocelyn Flores. He also alludes to one of his exes: the one who sent him to jail after she accused him of abusing her, something he still denies. X is obviously still caught up on the heartbreak and is having a hard time dealing with it. He raps “I gave her everything. She took my heart and left me lonely”and explains how he is afraid to let go of this girl, even though he says this girl has wronged him. This was a theme in 17, so it’s obvious X grieved for a long time; nothing has changed in his feelings for her.

X’s second song “Changes” covers the same topic. The song featured PnB Rock, a newer singer/rapper, who added a lot more emotion into the song with his singing. The song is essentially about how he can’t deal with the changes that came along with losing the girl, who sent him to jail, and being alone. He heart can’t take all that damage, and he is falling into depression. The song’s piano melody in the background makes it all the more dramatic.

These songs make me look forward to X’s new album. He inserts his emotions directly into the song and makes his audience feel everything he feels. X is an amazing artist, and these songs showcase X’s ability and straight talent.


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