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Gull Lake’s Model UN team takes on the MUNUC

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The Gull Lake Model UN team made their third appearance at MUNUC, which is a Model UN conference that hosts 3,000 students from all around the world. This conference takes place in Chicago every year February 1-4. Most Gull Lake students represented France and tackled topics ranging from desertification to militarization in space. These students researched specific real-life topics beforehand and had to work with other students from different schools to find solutions.  

“The best part about MUNUC is the diversity, not just of people, but of ideas and topics. People from China, Puerto Rico, and a few other countries showed up,” said sophomore Malissa Howe.“It was a great exchange of outlooks since we all come from cultural differences and have different ways to approach situations.”

The Gull Lake Model UN team prepares for the conference’s Opening Ceremony. Photo courtesy of Sheila Wood.

Howe represented France in the UN Environmental Program (UNEP) and fought for educational grassroot programs for farmers and ecotourism for developing countries to combat desertification.

“My room passed a comprehensive plan that I helped write and included education, technology, funding, and other distinct issues to affected countries,” Howe said.

Each student is able to contribute to the plans, as the students are completely in charge.

Model UN provides a very creative environment for students, allowing them to be as thoughtful as they please with a small amount of guidelines.

“You can be in a room of 350 people and your voice can still be heard and your opinions will be considered,” Howe said. “Often with teenagers, our opinions are tossed aside without regard which is a detriment on our education and society; in MUNUC, inclusivity is common and our ideas are what runs the conference.”

Senior Sydney Rotigel-Finegan, who has been a part of Model UN for 3 years, participated in Press Corps, which varies from the regular committee room in that they act as journalists and report on what is happening throughout the conference. On the final day of MUNUC, their articles are published into a newspaper named “The Phoenix.” Rotigel-Finegan received an honorable mention and was the only student from Gull Lake to get an award.

Aside from the actual competition itself, the team got the opportunity to eat at amazing restaurants that can’t be found in Michigan, and explore the city. Some members went to Chinatown and were able to experience a brand new culture first-hand. Other members went to different museums and visited various art exhibits.

Overall, the Model UN team had a successful run at the MUNUC conference. They participated in a huge conference and had a lot of fun along the way.


Rowan Colosky

My name is Rowan Colosky. I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I enjoy listening to & creating music and playing basketball.


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