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Varsity athletes take fitness seriously

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Athletes around the world understand how important fitness is to their daily routine. Athletes workout to become stronger, faster and more agile for their sports as well as work to become better at their respective sport. 

Freshman Ireland Watts getting ready to set the ball. Photo by Jenna Davison

Freshman Ireland Watts plays varsity volleyball and basketball for the Blue Devils and said he works out to “gain strength and endurance for the season.”

“I also train to get better at the position I play and the sport in general,” Watts said.

According to Watts, she takes her warm-up seriously.

“I think it is really important to warm up before you start doing anything. I do more dynamic stretches than static stretched because it gets the blood flowing and helps prevent injuries,” Watts said. “I do static stretches after the event as a cool down after the event.”

Watts said she thinks it is important to lift weights in season to maintain strength and gain strength that the competition is losing in season.

“Cardio is super important,” Watts said. “It helps with endurance and that allows you to stay in the game

Senior Cade Stanton getting ready to field a ball at third base. Photo by Keyshawn Wilson

longer without getting tired.”

Senior Ireland Watts played varsity football and will be heading into his last season on the baseball team this Spring. Stanton said he is big into getting stronger in the weight room and encourages taking a strength class in school.

“I train almost every day whether its speed and agility, weightlifting, or going to hit in the cages,” Stanton said.

He said that during baseball he works on squats and does “minimal bench to improve” his game.

“Squats are the most important weightlifting exercise in any sport,” Stanton said. “I power lift up until baseball season, and then I really focus on doing more reps to increase endurance.”

He encourages all baseball players to not take a strength class in season because it tightens the shoulders, which is not good.

Along with Watts, Stanton also takes stretching seriously.

“I static stretch before every event, and then take a nice five minute jog to get the body loosened up,” Stanton said. “During football I tend to do more sprints and in baseball I tend to run a little.”


Sophomore Varsity Soccer Player Ashlyn Wisser about to kick the ball into the goal. Photo by Jenna Davison

Sophomore Ashlyn Wisser plays varsity soccer, and she said she believes cardio is “super important” for a good athlete.

“During the season so you have the endurance and work ethic to do your best during the game,” Wisser said. “Stretching is very important before doing cardio so you can prevent injuries. I do dynamic and static stretching before and after an event.”

Wisser said he believes working out every day is important, especially for athletes.

“I think it is a good idea to do some kind of activity during the day and taking a gym class is a good idea,” Wisser said.

Junior Avery Eastman, who plays varsity football and baseball for the Blue Devils, said he believes taking a strength class in the off-season is the best thing an athlete can do to improve strength.

“Go do a strength class,” Eastman said. “Off-season is when you have got to make the most gains with strength and athletic ability.”

Eastman is also a big fan of running to get in shape for the season.

Junior number 72 Avery Eastman running off the field after a drive. Photo by Keyshawn Wilson

These athletes strive to get faster, stronger, and in better shape during the offseason and in season. Each an every athlete has their own fitness routines and practices to become the best athlete they can be.

As Eastman would say you have to “make gains” to be the best.

Jack Blesch

This is my first year on the newspaper staff. I am a sophomore at Gull Lake I play football and baseball and love to have fun. I love sports and love to write about them. I look forward to a fun year of writing.


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