Gull Lake Students head to states for National History Day

National History Day is a competition in where students perform an in-depth research project on a historical event that starts at a local level and can go all the way up to Nationals. On March 3, a local group of Gull Lake students competed in the local History day competition. This group consisted of sophomore, junior David Turmo, senior Carley Wyman, and senion Tova Carter. This powerteam decided to create a documentary about the 1988 Deaf President Now Protests at Gallaudet University. This group has been working to make this documentary since early January.

“I have been working at least 10 hours a week since we decided on our topic,”  Turmo said.

Turmo is the youngest of the group while Tova Carter is the oldest.

David Turmo, Tova Carter, and Carley Wyman holding the state qualifying certificate. Photo Creds: Mrs Turmo.

“To make it to states, we had to be in the top 50 percent at the district level competition,” Turmo said.

Turmo said he is a little out of his element since he’s competing  against students that are years ahead of him.

“I’m very proud of what we have all done. All of us put in all of our spare time to contribute to the team, and I hope that we will do just as good at states,” Turmo said.

The State National History competition is competitive. Only the top two teams from each category will move on from the state level to the national level.


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