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Sam Millmier marches on March Madness

The annual peak of the college basketball season is upon us. The tournament packs 67 action packed games into three weeks. The tournament is filled with big plays and crowd excitement.

Sam Millmier smiles for a selfie with Michigan State guard, Cassius Winston. Photo by Sam Millmier

March Madness is a popular event, avering a record 11.9 million viewers a day throughout the 2017 competition according to

Every year March Madness creates a sense of excitement and comradery in Gull Lake and makes a competitive spirit between fans of rival colleges.

Sam Millmier is a senior at Gull Lake and is an avid follower of college basketball and supporter of Michigan State University.

Millmier fills out a March Madness bracket every year, usually choosing his favorite team, Michigan State, to go far into the tournament.

I fill out a bracket every year, and I think that it’s fun to compete with your friends to see who can create the best bracket,” he said.

In regards to who will win the tournament this year–it’s Michigan State.

“They have a very strong team that has a good chance of winning it all,” he said.

Millmier hasn’t only watched March Madness games on TV either; he’s been to many of the tournament games throughout his life.

Millmier stands in the middle of the court inside Breslin Center. Photo courtesy of Sam Millmier

Out of all of the games he has watched and attended Millmier said that one stood above the rest.

“My favorite memory of March Madness was going to the 2009 championship game, featuring Michigan State and North Carolina,” he said. “Too bad Michigan State lost.”

Millmier is also attending some of this year’s March Madness games, going to the first two rounds of the competition in Detroit over the weekend.

In Detroit Millmier will see his favorite team face Bucknell in the first round of the tournament, with Michigan State being strong favorites to win the game.

For Sam Millmier and many others March Madness is a time to look forward to every year, and is one of the most exhilarating competitions in sports. This year should be just as exciting as ever and feature many great games.

For a list of all of the schools competing in this year’s March Madness click here.

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