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BROCKHAMPTON performs live in Grand Rapids

The up-and-coming boyband, BROCKHAMPTON, has been on its second ever headline tour since early this year in support of their two most recent records, SATURATION II and SATURATION III. On February 13, the band visited The Intersection in Grand Rapids for its third stop in Michigan this tour. Venue doors opened at 8 p.m. and the show began at around 9:45 p.m. Dedicated fans waited in line as early as 11 a.m. Most of the tour consisted of sold out shows chock-full of die-hard fans, bringing incredible energy to each.

The show had a cinematic introduction, and this theme followed throughout the whole show. This was expected, as the leader and visionary of the group, Kevin Abstract, has shown a lot of interest in films and direction from the likes of Spike Jonze.

bearface. Performs “SUMMER” in Grand Rapids. Photo by Rowan Colosky

The concert opened with icon and vocalist, Ameer Vann, wearing a gas mask and a headlamp, standing at the center of the stage. He slowly put on the iconic orange jumpsuit, removed the mask and headlamp, and before I knew it, the entire venue was going wild and every member hit the stage, screaming their parts to the popular single, “BOOGIE” with utmost energy and swagger.

The energy had no end in sight. The setlist was packed with hit after hit, and each members chemistry with one another is even more apparent live, as compared to their album material. They performed songs such as “STAR,” “GOLD,” “SWAMP,” “SISTER,” “GUMMY” and many more from each SATURATION record.

The show slowed down and took a more beautiful turn when bearface. was the only one left on stage. He performed “SUMMER” and “TEAM,” two tracks on the albums featuring only him and his guitar, along with some additional production. He delivered a chilling, emotional performance, hitting every note naturally.

His time on stage was full of gorgeous, jazzy chord progressions and powerful vocal melodies overtop.

Later in the show, the members took a bit of a break from the performance and brought two different audience members on stage with them. Even with a sold out show, the group did a fantastic job of interacting with the audience and keeping everybody interested, and integrating lots of humor throughout the entire show. Vocalist Matt Champion’s birthday was the day after the show, so Abstract had everyone sing him happy birthday.

Soon, the show was back on track. Some members sat back on the iconic couch as the others rapped their verses, and that’s how it was until the tail end of the performance.

BROCKHAMPTON closed it out with a reenactment from  a scene from the music video for “HEAT,” the first single and music video that the band ever made for the SATURATION trilogy.

As an encore, they did “STAR” for the second time, and it went off more than anything they had played before in the show.

“HEAT” dropped in mid-May of 2017, and BROCKHAMPTON has three albums and sold out shows all across North America. Overall, the live show was absolutely astounding and incredibly high energy. The boys have so much chemistry; they are all best friends and some have been since high school. They are hilarious, personable, have a wide arsenal of meaningful music under their belt, and are sure to take the scene by storm even further in 2018.

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