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Coach Alex Holley strives to make every athlete reach their greatest potential

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For most athletes working out and speed and agility as the best ways to become a better athlete. Next Level Performance Strength and Conditioning coach Alex Holley knows all about becoming the best athlete they can be. Holley played college baseball at Kellogg Community College for two years and then went on to Spring Arbor University for his next two years of college.

Gull Lake High School’s weight room where athletes do their after school workouts for Next Level Performance. Photo by Jack Blesch

Holley is one of Next Level Performance’s Strength and Conditioning coaches who comes to Gull Lake after school to help coach Gull Lake athletes in weight-lifting, speed and agility and leadership.

“I was fortunate enough to be one of the first athletes trained by Next Level,” Holley said. “Through that connection and through my years of gaining interest in becoming a Strength and Conditioning coach, I was able to intern for two years and eventually become a part of the Strength and Conditioning staff.”

As a coach, Holley said strong leadership skills, communication/people skills and his passion for sports allow him to train people to be the best they can be and stressed how weight-lifting  is important for an athlete.

“Both functional movement strength and maximum effort strength can benefit an athlete by being explosive, strong and fast in any sport,” he said. “You should workout 3-5 times a week and all days having an emphasis on different parts of the body, and some days focusing on speed and agility as well.”

Holley has two personal favorite weight-lifting exercises.

“I like the back squat as my personal favorite leg exercise because it utilizes the glute muscle,” he said. “For the upper body, the bench press is my favorite because the different grips that you can do such as normal, wide and close emphasize different upper body muscles.”

Another topic Holley views as important for every athlete is stretching.

“Dynamic and static stretching should be taken very seriously,” he said. “You should do dynamic stretches prior to a workout or game and static should be done after the workout or game.”

Holley is also big on nutrition as well.

“Nutrition may be the most important thing for athletes because when you are feeding your body properly with healthy foods, your body will respond in a positive way,” he said. “An athlete will have more energy and the muscles are getting proper nutrients to grow and rebuild to become bigger, faster, and stronger.

A Gull Lake athlete doing a back squat set at an after school workout. Photo by Jack Blesc

According to Holley, the amount of cardio varies for each athlete depending on the sport they play.

“I still believe cardio is important for every athlete. To be in better condition than the competition allows you to outlast them towards the end of the game and season as well,” he said.

Coach Holley said each time he comes to Gull Lake he gets more and more excited because he see the dedication each athlete has to get better.

When I see that from an athlete, I become their fan, and it is my goal to do my best to get each of them the reach their best potential.”

Two Gull Lake athletes doing dynamic stretches before their after school workout. Photo by Jack Blesch


What’s Holley’s advice to give to athletes looking to become the best they can possibly be?

“There are two things you can control as an athlete, and that is your attitude and your effort,” he said. “Give everything you can each and every day and be in the moment, be present that goes for the classroom. Grades should be taken seriously if not more serious than your favorite sport, as they can also lead to great opportunity.”

Jack Blesch

This is my first year on the newspaper staff. I am a sophomore at Gull Lake I play football and baseball and love to have fun. I love sports and love to write about them. I look forward to a fun year of writing.


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