Why college athletes should be paid

College sports is some of the most watched sports especially in big events like March Madness. Being a college athlete is like a full time job, going from the weight room, to the court or field depending on the sport they play, and classes, plus flim mandatory sessions. College extracurricular activities, but but the schedule of the NCAA tournaments require longer period, which means the athlete must miss school, but not only do they miss important classes and tests, they are not even in the nationally televised games that make and receive lots of money with millions of people watching.

The Student Athlete brings revenue to their team and college/ university and even more during the championship game. College football and men’s basketball programs earn way more than any other athletic programs, so these athletes should earn something. This may not seem fair but many of those who argue in support in paying college players point out that teams popularity generally determines what is fair.

Student athlete are the one grinding everyday working hard on and off the court keeping their grades up and still going out each night to perform at a high level every athlete doesn’t have a full ride to a university and work part time jobs to have money in there pocket. While the colleges are making millions off of the players’ hard work and dreams of making it to the NBA or NFL or other professional athletic organizations.

ravelle johnson

ravelle johnson

My name is Ravelle Johnson, I went to Albion Public Schools until 7th grade.  After Albion Public Schools was shut down, I  transferred to Marshall Middle School. I spent my 7th and 8th years there. My mother found a new job in Battle Creek, and we looked around for new schools.  Gull Lake offered the best education system and freshman year, I attended Gull Lake High School.

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