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Dakota Oman excels as well-rounded athlete

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“Playing 3 high school sports is tough, but I love it,” said sophomore three sport athlete Dakota Oman.

With football in the fall, wrestling in the winter, and baseball in the spring and summer, Oman said it’s hard to pick his favorite

“I love all of the sports that I play, but if I had to chose one it would definitely be baseball,” Oman said. “I don’t have a very good reason why. I just enjoy being on that field more than anything else.”

While baseball is Oman’s favorite sport, part of the reason is because he has played it ever since he could hold a bat.

“I was about 5. I couldn’t get enough of the sport,” said Oman.

Oman has been playing sports and running around all of his life. His parents said that he was an active child and he loved to throw the ball around.

Dakota Oman up to bat. Photo by Keyshawn Wilson.

He said he loves baseball and hopes to play center field on Gull Lake junior varsity team.

As a center fielder, he’s positioned in the center of the outfield and has to cover a lot of distance, requiring speed and endurance.

“Even though baseball is amazing, and there are so many travel teams to play for, I like to stick to high school ball,” said Oman.  

Oman chose to only play high school and not travel. Last year, Oman played on the freshman team. He also has other sports to think about.

“I have been in love with football ever since I started playing in the 6th grade,” said Oman.

He started to play football once he got into middle school. Oman loved finally playing a contact sport.

Oman said that he has to spend a lot of time in the gym. Building muscle is extremely important in football, to be able to knock the opponent down, you need good form and you need to be able to overpower the opponent.

“I am a linebacker for the junior varsity football team,” said Oman.

Linebackers hit the hardest–a good fit for Oman.

“My third high school sport is wrestling. I love wrestling mainly because I do very well every season,” said Oman.

Oman performed well in his second high school season, winning 37 out of his 50 matches and also went on to be a regional qualifier.

Dakota Oman pinning down a Paw Paw opponent. Photo by Parker Feraco

“I started wrestling in the 8th grade. I was starting to lift weights, and I thought it would be fun,” said Oman

Also, Oman’s friends tried to get him to join the wrestling team.

“I knew he would do great. He is strong, light, and quick and his current record just proves my point,” said sophomore wrestler John Howe. Howe pushed Oman to play and said he’s proud of what he started.

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Hello! My name is Danny Keene, I enjoy sports such as hockey and tennis. I am a sophomore at Gull Lake high school and enjoy writing on my opinions and sports.


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