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It’s time to get a watch

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Times they are a changin’ along with fashion trends. Watches, always a staple accessory, come in many different types: watches for classy events, casual watches and even watches for sleep. They come in a variety of colors, materials and price ranges. If low on cash, customers can buy a watch for only $5, but if a customer is anything like me, most are going to want quality. Fashionable metal watches start at about $75 and can go up into the tens of thousands.

Most people will never spend more than a couple hundred dollars on a watch. But even in that price range, you can get some very high quality wrist wear.

“I love watches; I have many that I enjoy wearing around town. I have a good rotation so it does not look like I am wearing the same watch everyday,” said Peter Gaudard, advanced watch wearer. Rotations and variety are both important in any type of accessorizing.

Emporio Armani Watch, courtesy of Max Pixel

“I have a good variety of watches, some for casual wear, and some for classy wear. I can usually rock a silver watch for most wear,” Gaudard said.

Casual watches are usually basic silver or other more obscure materials. Wooden watches have been coming into popularity. Along with wood, vintage G-shock and Casio watches have come back into style, complimenting the rise in popularity of vintage clothing.

Collaborations of these new watches are also very popular. The Jordan/G-Shock collaboration is a great one that has been selling for high prices. Also, the Bathing Ape/G-Shock is a very expensive, coveted watch. For a company that sells 100+ dollar t-shirts, you can expect a watch to go for a ton of money.

Watches have always been around but the latest surge has them even more popular. Just adding something simple can help take an outfit to the next level. Simple, timeless watches never go out of style and will look great with almost any outfit.



Hello! My name is Danny Keene, I enjoy sports such as hockey and tennis. I am a sophomore at Gull Lake high school and enjoy writing on my opinions and sports.

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  1. Watch Destroyer

    Watches are the worst. I will destroy all watches.


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