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Luke Scoles wears his style with shoes

This is Scoles’ favorite shoe. Photo courtesy of

For many people make their outfits around their shoes. They have multiple pairs all costing a little lower than $100. There are also others who take shoes to the next level. They spend thousands on shoes and have pairs for every occasion. Sophomore Luke Scoles of Gull Lake is one of those shoe collectors. Luke having everything from a casual boating shoe to a nice pair of the classic Timberland boots.

“I’ve always liked being the center of attention and with my shoes I can be,” said Scoles.

Scoles said that if you have pick shoes with brighter colors, not to choose anything too extreme with what you wear. With the bright colors of his shoes he has to match with his clothes.

“My brighter shoes have a black base, and I usually wear darker colors with those shoes,” said Scoles.

“Scoles always does a great job of matching his clothes to his shoes, and he is quite the stylish guy,”  sophomore Trent Grant said.

Grant said he would love a shoe collection like Scole’s but just doesn’t have the money. About all of Scoles’ shoes are just under $200, which adds up quickly.

When Scoles the cost of buying of these shoes is “split halfway” between him and his parents. Still with it being split in half, the bill is big.

“I kinda have a shoe plug who gets me these shoes for almost half the price,” Scoles said.

His “plug” or supplier saves Scoles hundreds. Most people don’t have shoe plugs, and its mostly exclusive to the rich and famous but for Scole’s he just has a friend who helps him out. His plug only gets discounts on Nike products, but Scoles’ shoe collection does have other brands like Vans, Adidas and Converse.

The vapormaxes courtesy of

“I love all my shoes, but I definitely have a favorite: Nike Air Max 270 purple and yellow,” said Scoles.

Scoles said second favorite are his black Nike Vapormaxes. He said he ranks them on how comfortable they are and how stylish. With his Vapor Maxes he said he loves them for their performance.

“My Vapormaxes are amazing. They are so explosive and powerful and I love that in shoes,” said Scoles.

Scoles has two pairs of Vapormaxes. Nike’s Vapormax is their newest air technology. The “air” line started with the air max and has now been applied to the vapormax.

“The Vapormaxes are extremely comfortable, but it just doesn’t compare to the cloud-like feeling of Adidas Boost,” said Scoles.

Many argue about the two and which running shoes bottom is better, both cloud like and comfortable.

“I personally like the Vapormaxes because of the explosiveness but the Adidas are definitely the more comfortable one” said Scoles.

Overall there is a lot that goes into shoes that most don’t see. Scoles is all about the small differences and is all about looking fresh with his shoes.

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