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BROCKHAMPTON ‘saturates’ the industry

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The music industry has been met with a brand new force as of late. A boyband knew they could do more. This boyband goes by the name BROCKHAMPTON.

BROCKHAMPTON consists of 17 members. Even though not all of its constituents work on the music, all of them are equally a part of the group. They met on a Kanye West forum online and soon moved in together to a house in California. Ever since, they have been living together and creating nonstop.

Group photo of BROCKHAMPTON. Courtesy of Question Anything

Kevin Abstract (Ian Simpson) is the leader and visionary behind the project. He works on vocals, production, visuals, conceptuals, marketing and PR. He had a lot of solo work under his belt prior, such as an EP entitled “Mtv1987”, and his debut record called “American Boyfriend.” Other members who provide vocals for the group include Ameer Vann, Dom McLennon, Matt Champion, Merlyn Wood, JOBA, and bearface.

Romil Hemnani is the main producer behind the band’s material, consistently creating high-energy instrumentals for the vocalists to do their thing on. Kiko Merley and Jabari Manwa make up the production duo Q3, and they help out with beats and instrumentation as well. Henock Sileshi and Ashlan Grey are creative directors and art directors along with Kevin. Grey handles most of the photography/videography as well. Many members have dropped everything, such as leaving their significant others, dropping out of college, and more, to move out to California with their team to create.

The idea of SATURATION came about in a room where the band was searching for a solution. They were not feeling their recent material, while their goal was to be absolutely huge. The SATURATION era was the period in which BROCKHAMPTON did not let up on what they were out for in the first place. Three full-length albums, a completed trilogy, out in the span of six months. This is what really got people talking.

It all started in mid-May of 2017, when BROCKHAMPTON put out the first single to SATURATION, the band’s debut album. This track was called HEAT, and contained some of the highest energy from each and every member, including the producers. Many singles and music videos followed soon after, all leading up to the record’s release.

The first two singles and music videos from SATURATION II came out in early August, and the full project was released later that same month, just two months after SATURATION. During this time, the boyband had also embarked on a sold out tour across North America, Jennifer’s Tour. This was their first tour ever, and their first shows where they had hardcore fans waiting to see them every night. The tour and both albums proved to be an astounding success, and already BROCKHAMPTON was blowing up.

Following the tour, the group returned home to work on yet another record, the last in the trilogy, SATURATION III.

On SATURATION III the band took risks and did things that they had never done before musically, such as experimenting with different musical elements and concepts, and it worked out incredibly well. Following the album, they placed a limited edition SATURATION box set for sale containing all three SAtURATION records, a drafts CD with 22 unreleased throwaways from the creation of the three albums, an official artist trading card of a random member, a poster and a 3 hour documentary on creation of the albums and their journey throughout.

Many misconceptions followed some of the information that was released about SATURATION III. Kevin Abstract (Ian Simpson) is very active on twitter, and a lot of the time he’ll randomly release information about upcoming music. He said SATURATION III had no singles. The first single and video came out mid-December, another single two days after, and the album came out that Friday. Simpson also said SATURATION III would be their last studio album. Shortly after, they announced their plans for a fourth studio album entitled “TEAM EFFORT” coming in 2018.

BROCKHAMPTON will be performing at Coachella, Boston’s Calling, Bonnaroo, Governor’s Ball, and many more festivals to be announced this summer. This is just the beginning for BROCKHAMPTON, and there’s so much more to come.


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