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Gull Lake High School hosts school safety round table and town hall

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Student leaders gather with the local officers after the round table dicussion. Photo by Parker Feraco

On Tuesday, March 27, Gull Lake High School hosted a school safety round table at 1 p.m. and a town hall at 7 p.m.

Seniors Luke Edgerly, Tova Carter, Marleigh Thorn and junior Kaleigh Belz worked with the administration to plan and organize both events.

These four students attended the round table event alongside high school principal Don Eastman and student senate adviser Lisa Addy. Representing the Gull Lake’s administration were superintendent Christopher Rundle, director of education Drew Bordner and assistant superintendent Lisa Anderson.

“The legislators attending were Fred Upton (U.S. Rep) and Margaret O’Brien (State Senator),” Belz said. “We also had Kalamazoo Sheriff Fuller there, along with two of his deputy officers. Our own Student Resource Officer, Adam Kelm was also in attendance.”

According to Edgerly, he was able to invite Congressman Upton by contacting his local office and that he worked through them to organize his visit.

“He and his office actually took it upon themselves to invite Sheriff Fuller, which I am very grateful for given that the thought never crossed my mind,” Edgerly said. “We did also contact our senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow, but they were unable to attend.”

Belz stated that the conversation was focused on school security funding, current and future legislation, carrying laws (especially in correlation with schools) and assault rifles.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t get to talk about every topic we wanted to bring up, but we did discuss the key points,” Edgerly said. “We talked lots about funding, where money is coming from and where it is going.”

Edgerly and Belz both said that they believe the meeting was successful.

The town hall was open to the public later the same evening in the high school cafeteria with school safety as the headlining topic.

All of our school administration team ran that meeting, led by Superintendent Rundle.

“Every building administrator and central office administrator was present,” Eastman said.

At the evening townhall, Rundle discussed the best way to keep people safe, including the future plans with the district safety committee, how the district responds to threats and district lockdown procedures. Eastman reviewed the student walkouts that occured on March 14 as well as the surveys that went along with them. The middle school vice principal Jack Boerman gave a summary of the apps students are able to use to step up. Andersen, Bordner and Kelm brought up the training, crisis team, and the emphasis on relationships and communication.

“There were probably over 50 community members at the evening forum and many great ideas and areas of improvement were discussed,” Eastman said. “Also ample information from administration as to the security measures we already have in place.”

The Q&A session at the end revolved around safety during pickup, lockdown procedures, training substitutes for lockdowns and safety on school buses.

“The Student Senate, in discussing the walk out and round table, felt it was also very important to educate the community on what our district has done and is continuing to do to protect our students,” Edgerly said. “The best way we felt to do this was through an open-forum.”

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