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Kitchen House: A Success Story

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In fall of 2015, a new face appeared along M-89: Kitchen House. Ever since, they have hosted packed houses night after night, serving publicly acclaimed Italian dishes to the hungry patrons. This establishment has been an exponential smash among the public.

“We trained for this, planned for this, built for this, but never could have dreamed that it would be this well-received,” Dykstra said.

According to Jennifer Dykstra, owner and visionary behind Kitchen House, there are two kinds of people in the world: “Those who ‘eat to live’, meaning that go day-to-day just sustaining themselves, and those who ‘live to eat’, as in they get excited to eat and make it a priority that they are getting the most out of a meal,” she said.

Kitchen House is a sanctuary for those who “live to eat” and provides an environment where they are guaranteed the best from food, to service, to atmosphere.

Dykstra is originally from Denver, Colorado. As an adult, she and her husband lived in Chicago, Illinois for about 25 years before moving to Gull Lake.

“We got here and immediately saw the need for this kind of community; to have somewhere to come together and break bread,” she said.

The idea of opening a restaurant here was always in mind, but when the location was shown to Dykstra and her team, they knew they could really bring the vision to life.

Kitchen House prepares for the dinner rush on a quiet afternoon.

Their goal is to provide everything at the highest quality to customers, and she said it has served them well.

We strive to put up dishes that have an impact when people eat them; wanting to share that with others is what we’ve built the restaurant around: building relationships through food,” Dykstra said.

She brought a unique and motivated mindset into the food business, and creativity presenting her brand to the public.

The Kitchen House team has plans for expansion of the brand throughout the community as well.

“We want to open at least one more full-service location nearby, as we’d like to continue to grow this community specifically,” Dykstra said. “We’ve talked about coffee and doughnuts and other fun concepts for our portfolio as well.”

This is just the beginning for Kitchen House, according to Dykstra.

A consistent vision like Dykstra’s is rare in this kind of small community. As the Kitchen House brand grows and expands throughout the community, the community be waiting for what’s next, whatever it be that they come up with.

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Rowan Colosky

My name is Rowan Colosky. I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I enjoy listening to & creating music and playing basketball.


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