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Logic releases new single, gives flashback to old self

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The cover of 44 More courtesy of Genius.com

Logic comes off a Grammy nomination, what many refer to as a break through album. This nomination came from “1-800-273-8255,” a song about suicide and helping people to realise it’s not the answer because they are loved.

Logic’s newest album Everybody showed another side of his music. Previous albums like Under pressure, Welcome to Forever, and The Incredible True Story, weren’t soft albums that featured more of a generic rap style that he was good at. In Everybody in May of 2017, he was  a super nice, albeit, cringe-worthy guy. He never threw any shade, instead turning his attention to issues like equality and the betterment of oneself and society. While this album certainly had hype surrounding its release, Logic unfortunately failed to deliver a good album.

Logic released his new single, “44 More,” on Friday, February 23. This song did not have the excitement previous works of his possessed. Additionally, that particular Friday boasted multiple releases, including  earthgang’s ep, Post Malone’s single, YG’s single, 6ix9ine’s mixtape, Blac Youngsta’s album, and even more that overshadowed Logic’s release.

Not surprisingly, the announcement of the song didn’t really catch my attention, and it took me a couple days for me to listen to it. However, once I finally did, I was blown away. I saw flashbacks of the old Logic, who I was an actual fan of and that I liked.

This track featured a heavy bass beat which takes away the watered-down feel that one would often get in “Everybody.” Logic comes right out in the song right way with a fast-paced flow and only speeds it up from there which is Logic’s signature. He’s made his career off his ability to speed up his flow and slow it down with ease.

Logic even threw a couple disses into the song. “I don’t have flex to be acknowledged” and “you in the club throwin dollars, but I’m savin mine so my kids got to college”–both of which go against the traditional rapper and is a back toward the old Logic.

In all of his most famous songs, Logic is known for broadcasting his emotion. Unfortunately, in that respect, 44 more left much to be desired. Old Logic had a bunch of songs that were jams that you felt, songs like Buried Alive, Nikki, 5am and Soul Food.

I miss old Logic, and I can’t wait till he is back. This Logic isn’t satisfactory but is so much better than the one who made Everybody.

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