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One Act auditions set to take place April 16 and 17

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Students who audition for one acts could be casted in one or more of six unique plays. Pictured are Elizabeth and Trenton Hargrove. Photo by Jenna Davison

One Act auditions will be happening this upcoming Monday and Tuesday, April 16 and 17 at 2:45 in the drama room, affectionately called the black box. Students only have to attend one day of auditions, but attending both may work to their advantage.

Students who wish to audition for One Acts could be cast one or more of six short plays directed by Gull Lake seniors. Since these plays are shorter than PAC’s other productions and completely student-run, they’re typically more relaxed than larger shows.

Students should expect a warm welcome from all of the directors in the black box on April 16th and 17th,” Gull Lake senior and One Act director Sara Johnson said.

These plays, which will be performed at the Festival of the Senses the Friday and Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, cover a wide variety of topics/themes.

Potential actors and actresses will most likely read selections from the plays, but should be prepared for anything. Students will have the opportunity to audition for each individual One Act.

One Acts will be performed in the black box during the Festival of the Senses. Pictured are Samuel Tilbury and Carley Wyman. Photo by Jenna Davison

According to Gull Lake Senior and One Act director Micah Sweezie, you don’t have to have any prior acting experience to audition for One Acts–and that many newcomers have thrived participating in PAC’s shorter plays.

My advice to any new actors curious about theatre,” Sweezie said. “Is that when you audition just know that you have nothing to prove, only to share.”

Actors and actresses who audition for One Acts should focus on being themselves, Gull Lake senior and One Act director Nattalie (Chandler) Hargrove said.

“Personally as a director I will pick actors based on their everyday personalities because they closely match the characters they will be playing,” Hargrove said.

Just being yourself and trying is what matters when auditioning, according to Johnson.

One Acts typically have smaller casts and simpler sets than other PAC shows. Pictured are Mackenzie Sternburgh and Grace Wolverton. Photo by Jenna Davison

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve never acted before, putting yourself out there and trying is what matters,” Johnson said. “You might find a new passion you didn’t think you had.”

Gull Lake senior and One Act director Jacob Ragotzy said there is a lack of actors (especially male actors) for One Acts, so newcomers are always welcome. He said almost everyone is new to the auditioning process, so there’s no reason for them to judge fellow students who come out.

“Obviously, I’m not expecting the next Tony-winning actors and actresses because that would be unfair and (obviously) unrealistic,” Ragotzy said. “All I ask is for people to not be nervous about auditioning or who they’re going to because in the end, you’re going to have a good time with us.”

Students should find out if they got a role shortly after auditions. Cast lists will be posted on the call board outside the drama room.

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