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Not Enough Room? Expand the student section

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Here at Gull Lake High School, varsity football is one of the most popular sporting events for students to go and watch is football. However, attending a football game can become more stressful and uncomfortable than fun when there isn’t very much space. While many enjoy frequenting the Friday night games to cheer on their team and socialize with their friends, others find the crowded student section too chaotic, and instead choose not to go. Sporting events are supposed to be a fun activity that students should enjoy going to watch to support their team and is the reason for needing more bleacher space to accommodate more people.

Since there are a number of varsity football games during the last few weeks of summer vacation, these provide students with a means to catch up with friends before the school year even starts. Of course, with so many in attendance, the four classes of Gull Lake High School often become divided. This is largely because if anyone, the lower classmen, specifically freshmen, are reluctant to get out and go to these school events out of an expectation that they will have no place to sit. Being a freshman, it can be very overwhelming how many students show up to the football games and seeing there’s not enough room to occupy everyone who shows up. There have been times at games when there’s such an excessive amount of people that some of the lower classmen students get kicked out. Popular school sporting events like these shouldn’t leave people worrying, but instead, get them excited to meet new people while watching their school team play.

Expanding the student section in the bleachers would be  helpful when it comes to sporting events. Even though it might seem like plenty of people fit, it can be a struggle, especially when it comes to students. Everyone gets crammed together, with pretty much no room to move or get out. At Gull Lake, there are many fundraisers to help raise money for a specific group or cause. Academics and sports are important to Gull Lake and many other schools, which is why there is so much fundraising for them both. Therefore, it would be quite simple to start a fundraiser for the expansion of the bleachers because it is a project that is of importance to the school district as a whole. This proposal of expanding the student section will be so much more beneficial all around. Not only will it create more room for more students, but students will be more comfortable going to the games, rather than being afraid.


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