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Strict dress code regulations for girls unreasonable

A girl gets called out and embarrassed in front of the class because her shoulders are showing or her shorts are too short. No one is really bothered by it, but yet teachers and school officials still make the girl change into clothing that may be less ¨provocative¨ and more ¨conservative.¨ It is not fair to girls to have to be punished because of the assumption of boys being incapable to control themselves. Meanwhile, it is very common for boys to wear shirts that display inappropriate content or even their shoulders and get away with it,the same thing being said for teachers.. These dress code standards and regulations are unfair, unnecessary and should be changed.

Daily, girls are sent home or to detention all over the country for having inappropriate clothing. The school boards of these districts claim the reason behind the dress code is when girls dress a certain way, it distracts the boys and they can’t help it.

Not only does this over sexualize and objectify women, but it stereotypes guys. In a matter of fact, must boys aren’t even bothered by girls displaying their shoulders. Another claim for girls dress code is that girls need to dress appropriate so they know how to dress in the “real world.”

But by doing this they are not preparing the boys for the so called “real world” because there, boys are going to see women in inappropriate clothing and need to be able to control themselves. So overall, both of the claims made by worldwide school boards are stereotypical and null.

A new and improved dress code should be enforced where standards are applied to all students, no matter the gender or size, and all staff members as well, where shoulders, shorts that cover well and any footwear is allowed. However, some things being unallowed should stay the same, such as inappropriate content, excessive mid-drift and display of nudity. If these dress code regulations are enforced, the school will be a better learning environment for everyone.

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