Ray Goren Rocks the stage as he climbs his way up the charts

Ray Goren is heavily influenced by artists like Amy Winehouse and Stevie Wonder. Photo credit Moxie

Ray Goren is an 18 year old with the soul made of old rhythm and blues. Growing up with influences like Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse it was no wonder that he caught the eye of those he has performed before.

His voice is rich and brassy and he uses his throat as one of his instruments to enhance the music he solefully creates.  However, his voice is not the only instrument he utilizes; Ray Goren is masterful at the lead guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. With all of these instruments he can loop his guitar using a synthesizer and drum beats into the melodies to layer each sassy tune, one over another; creating a one of kind a song.

He usually performs solo and at Long Beach Polytechnic High on March 29th of this year he performed during the Blues in the Schools event and showed the crowd just how passionate he is for authentic music. The crowd screamed at each beat and strum he executed flawlessly, hitting high notes with ease; all with a smile plastered to his face.

From his performances it is evident that he has a passion for what he does and after his high school graduation he performed a song for his fellow classmates to express that he is unsure of what the future may bring. However, a career in music is started to look like a golden opportunity for this shining star. “Musically this EP is a cross between Stevie Wonder , Traffic and Stevie Ray Vaughan… Ray is a musical prodigy and this record is just the beginning of his career!” said Bob Suehs, from Rock and Roll Experience. Evidence that Ray Goren will be a name to remember.

Destiny Peterson

Destiny Peterson

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