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The Impression strives to impress

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Gull Lake Community Schools print collection  of creative work has recently been published. A literary magazine, colloquially known as “Lit Mag” is a collection of both written and visual artwork, such as poetry, photography, artwork, and short stories, from all grades within the Gull Lake School District.

The Impression has an all women staff of seven, with senior, Marleigh Thorn as the Editor in Chief.

Cover art for Gull Lake’s literary magazine- The Impression. Photo by Jenna Davison. Content courtesy of The Impression.

Supplementary illustration in The Impression done by Sydney Rotigal-Finegan. Photo by Jenna Davison. Content courtesy of The Impression.

The Impression was started with the mission of “cultivating a sense of creativity, community, and expression within the youth of the Gull Lake area.”

“It’s rewarding to see my peers excited about sharing their work through our magazine” said Design Editor and senior Sydney Rotigal-Finegan.

Rotigal-Finegan herself has created haikus, a narrative, supplementary illustrations for the work of others, and the cover page that have been published in the magazine.

The Impression is not Gull Lake’s first literary magazine; Gull Lake High School had one called Impressions, but it was exclusive to the high school and was last published in the early 2000s.


Children’s artwork in The Impression. Photo by Jenna Davison. Content courtesy of The Impression.

At the beginning of the school year The Impression received a grant from the Gull Lake Community Schools foundation for a little over $1,000 to get started. Since then The Impression staff has put in over 250 hours of work into curating and selling the magazine. Between selling at lunches, and volunteering after school hours at various events they have earned around $300.


The magazine is currently available for purchase for $3, or a donation of any amount at special events.  If you are a high school student interested in joining staff for next year contact The Impression editorial staff at expressions@gulllakecs.org.


[caption id="attachment_23989" align="alignleft" width="300"] Tova Carter poses for mug shot.[/caption] This year is my first year on newspaper, and my final one at Gull Lake high school. I’ve always wanted to do newspaper but never seemed to have the time. I enjoy writing and have a passion for news.  


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