Six AM Tryout Mile prepares basketball team

The new varsity basketball coach Bryan Dutton has started a new basketball tryout tradition: the Six AM Mile Run. This the second year coach Dutton has used this tradition.

“I started the Six AM Mile Run because I want to know who is willing to get up and put work in when others are sleeping,” Dutton said. 

Dutton also said that it’s a great indicator of how in shape the players are and who’s prepared.  

“The Run is not a secret, so, if you take it seriously, you will prepare in advance to be ready for the upcoming season,” Dutton said.

Players who participated in this event last year, such as senior William Weiss, said the Run is also “a great team bonding experience.”

“It’s rare for any high school team to be this dedicated to the sport, that they will get up so early to run with their soon-to-be teammates,” Weiss said.

ravelle johnson

ravelle johnson

My name is Ravelle Johnson, I went to Albion Public Schools until 7th grade.  After Albion Public Schools was shut down, I  transferred to Marshall Middle School. I spent my 7th and 8th years there. My mother found a new job in Battle Creek, and we looked around for new schools.  Gull Lake offered the best education system and freshman year, I attended Gull Lake High School.

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