Historic fashion in modern sports

Today in fashion, retro is in.  Gull Lake High School students often roam the halls in attire more fit for another era.  As the “dad outfit” (and even “grandad outfit”) trend comes into full swing, further proof of this reversion can be found with our very own boys’ basketball team.  As of last year, the promising group’s basketball shorts have seemingly begun to shrink. The reason for this: a rolling of the trunks waistband; in several cases, multiple times.

Image 1: Former University of Michigan player Derrick Walton wore fairly short basketball shorts. With permission from TonyTheTiger at Wikimedia Commons.

After the 20th century came to a close, NBA and college basketball teams switched their game uniform from the traditional (and previously untouched) shorter cut shorts (see image 1) to the emerging streetball style. These shorts came down to the players’ knees (or lower) and had a significantly looser fit.

In recent years, however,  there’s been a change.

“Most every college or NBA player I have seen wears high basketball shorts,” said returning senior phenom William Weiss.  




Zachary Zahrt

This is my first year on The Reflection’s staff, currently writing in the sports’ section.  Outside of school, I am an avid reader of environmental and political articles. Being always up for a debate or any chance to make my opinion hear, I enjoy writing opinion pieces.  An avid fan of the Mola Mola Sunfish, I wish to pursue a career in the marine biology field. I look forward to uncovering the truth surrounding all the dirty deeds that go on around here.

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